Ohio Man Charged of Murder Due to Allegedly Slaughtering Teenage Girl; Body Found Several Months Later

Breaking News: Ohio Man Charged of Murder Due to Allegedly Slaughtering Teenage Girl
Breaking News: Ohio Man Charged of Murder Due to Allegedly Slaughtering Teenage Girl

On Monday, an Ohio man was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, who was discovered dead on Thursday, almost a year after she was reported missing to the police. Bennie Washington, 39, is suspected of killing Audreona Barnes, 19, by murdering her in the head and placing her body on his rooftop under a hill of clothing.

Washington was removed from the Cleveland residence on March 11 before a cleaning service discovered Barnes’ decaying body last week. Barnes hasn’t been seen since July 30, 2021.. Army recruiters reportedly stated that they left her off at Washington’s apartment but did not know if she entered.

Barnes’ mother’s boyfriend apparently received a questionable text from Barnes requesting that he pick her up from a gas station, but authorities said there was no gas station on the route where Barnes had requested to be picked up. Barnes’ mother also stated that the communication did not appear to be from her daughter. Washington was sentenced to seven years in jail for killing a lady in the back over a $40 cocaine debt in 2010, according to the news posted on Crime Online website.

Brutal Death

Barnes went missing on July 30th. Barnes had been to the US Army recruiting officer. The day she mysteriously disappeared, According to the authorities.  She was last spotted leaving a gas station near Washington’s house. The same day, around 2:30 p.m., she spoke with a member of the family.

According to the investigators, the housekeeper contacted the police after discovering Barnes’ body behind a mound of garments and covers on the top floor balcony. The body seemed to have been purposely placed outside to expedite decomposition.

Police claimed noticed bullet casings near Barnes’ body as well as a bullet hole in Washington’s residence. According to court records, an autopsy revealed that Barnes was shot in the head. Officers discovered bullet shells near her body and a gunshot wound in the apartment’s interior wall, according to the published news on the Cleveland website.

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