In Celebration of Shinigami, a Special Version of LootCrate Box Will Be Given Away This March

Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo
In Celebration of Shinigami, a Special Version of LootCrate Box Will Be Given Away This March

Bleach spent years as a part of Weekly Shonen Jump. The creator Tite Kubo attempted to bring the episode to its manga and anime series. The LootCrate is looking to commemorate the Shinigami.

Ichigo and the Soul Society should get a new lease with the latest anime adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. Bleach’s anime will be making a big comeback this autumn.   

Kubo is clearly seeking to expand the society of Bleach years after the manga and anime ended.

LootCrate has released a new appearance at the highly anticipated Bleach Special Edition Crate.

It is scheduled to come in March. It will cost Soul Society fans around $75 USD. The  LootCrate includes a variety of merch items from the world of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Check out the official website of the new Soul Society Loot Crate.

The box will contain apparel, prop replicas, collectibles, and accessories. According to the post on the Comic Book website.

 Bleach Will Soon Have Its Original LootCrate Box

Bleach is set to return to tv screens later this year. Tite Kubo’s series adapts the plot of the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.  This is about the participants of the Soul Society who are against dangerous Quincy family members. 

The mangaka behind the series recently released a new special chapter. It revealed what Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends were up to.

It appears that Loot Crate is coming out to play with a new one-time box that will once again immerse fans in the world of the Shinigami.

News Concerns asked if you are prepared to take on the role of Soul Reaper? With this special edition crate, you can join Ichigo and the rest of his crew in celebrating the legendary action anime Bleach. You’ll receive a premium assortment of officially licensed, limited-edition memorabilia and clothing and accessories from the series!

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