Nobita’s Space War: Feel the Nostalgia with Doraemon in 2022

Nobita's Space War: Reminisce The Nostalgia with Doraemon in 2022

Because it has been going on for so long, there is likely to be a remake of some famous narratives and films. 

And now they’ve announced another movie adaptation!

Doraemon and his buddies, as well as the two new characters of the film, Papi and Rokoroko will be featured in the teaser. 

It portrays Doraemon and Nobita meeting their extraterrestrial Friends, Nobita and his buddies, who will offer to aid Papi and Rokoroko, completely unaware of the impacts.

In addition, a major image indicating the release in Spring 2022 was shown including all of the film’s key characters, as well as Papi and Rokoroko.

The movie is a remake of Nobita’s Space War, a 1985 anime film starring Doraemon (Little Star Wars).

It will be published in a new format with enhanced images and quality for today’s children and adults.

According to the Epic Dope Website, the film was supposed to be released in March 2021 but was pushed back because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Nobita’s Little Star Wars Film Remake

Since the 1970s, Doraemon has been on television. The program has been a part of lives for the majority of our era.

Nobita’s everyday journeys with Doraemon, the robot cat from the future, take us on a nostalgic journey.

On March 5, 2021, it will be launched! Official HiGE DANdism is the theme song for Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Space War (Little Star Wars) 2021. Based on the Dora World website.

The movie is a recreation of the classic Doraemon film of the same name, which came out in 1985. Official HiGE DANdism composed the film’s theme song, “Universe,” which is included in the trailer.

Doraemon is from the twenty-second century, and his 4D pocket is filled with futuristic technologies. Nobita utilizes these devices to improve his life according to his wants, although he frequently finds himself in trouble.

With the aid of Doraemon, Nobita embarks on many adventures with his buddies Shizuka, Sunio, and Gian.


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