If You Want Bigger and Faster Child Tax Credit, Follow These Tips

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The outlook for the 2022 tax season may be described in a variety of ways, from mild adjectives like ‘hard’ or ‘problematic’ to more candid forecasts like ‘one horrible tax pain on the horizon.’ For instance, if the fate of the expanded child tax credit is unknown or doomed, a tax refund in late winter or early spring 2022 might provide much-needed financial flow for many households.

Start of Tax Filing 

On January 24, the Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting and processing federal tax returns. In theory, the earlier you file, the sooner you’ll receive any tax refund you’re due. However, this year, it’s critical that parents review the new requirements relating to the advance child tax credit and double-check that they have all of the necessary facts and statistics to file an accurate report. You’ll encounter ridiculous waits if you enter the wrong number, Detroit Free Press posted. 

Tips to Get Higher Child Tax Credit 

Another reason to get your taxes done early next year is that a tax refund could give a cash infusion to assist you in paying down credit card debt before interest rates rise. The Market Watch shared the 5 strategies to increase your tax refund and get it sooner. 

To begin, preserve the IRS paperwork for the child tax credit. Half of the money was paid in monthly installments by the IRS, and the rest will be included in the tax refund. In any case, the letter serves as a guide for what comes next. Beneficiaries should save this letter and any previous IRS letters about advance CTC payments with their tax records and refer to them when filing their taxes.

Second, keep a watch out for an IRS letter detailing the amount of stimulus money sent in the third wave. The IRS will send Letter 6457 detailing how much it paid home for the third round of direct payments authorized under the American Rescue Plan, passed in March. Late in January, these letters will begin to be sent out. Third, start keeping track of the money you spent on child care in 2021 so you can take advantage of the tax credit. Although the Child and Dependent Care Credit is not the same as the child tax credit, lawmakers have increased the Child and Dependent Care Credit Is possible payouts for the 2017 tax season. The credit is intended to help parents pay for child care to work. 

Fourth, make a charitable contribution now to reduce your tax payment next year. Historically, philanthropic gifts were only tax-deductible for those who itemized their deductions. The tax benefits of donations were out of reach — at least until the pandemic — because most individuals now take the standard deduction. Finally, make appropriate contributions to retirement accounts or sell assets that can be liquidated at a loss to reduce income. Traditional IRA contributions may be tax-deductible, depending on IRS restrictions. This includes whether the individual or their spouse has a workplace retirement plan. It also depends on the net worth of a household. This year’s IRA donations will be accepted until April 15, 2022.

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