Hailie Jade, Eminem’s Daughter Is Engaged to Evan McClintock

Hailie Jade
Image source: Hello magazine

Eminem’s Daughter Is Engaged to whom?

Image source: Hello magazine

Hailie Jade, daughter of Eminem, and her partner Evan McClintock just announced their engagement, marking a significant turning point in their relationship.

Hailie Jade Scott, the daughter of Eminem and Kim Scott, had a significant weekend. She did not discover herself at the 2023 Grammys, though. Instead, the 27-year-longtime old’s partner Evan McClintock made a sweet proposal to her.

She used the ring symbol when posting on Instagram, “Casual weekend review… 2.4.23.” “@evanmcclintock11, I adore you.”

The upcoming groom-to-be got on one knee to pop the big question, as shown in photographs of the tender moment taken by Erika Christine Photography. It was finally time to break open the champagne after Hailie said yes.

The couple, who apparently started dating in 2016, has made every effort to keep their romance private. However, Hailie has occasionally provided insight into her personal life with Evan.

Hailie and Evan posted a rare PDA photo while enjoying Valentine’s Day in 2022, close to a Southern California beach. She captioned the picture, which was taken just before sunset, “Yesterday & everyday.”

Then, in July 2021, while taking a photo with Evan, Hailie made clear how private their relationship was. She stated on Instagram that she “rarely shares my feed, but when I do, I’m glad it’s with you.”

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Although Hailie and Evan have a stronger than ever friendship, the same cannot be said for her connection to Eminem. Eminem joined his daughter to commemorate the “Slim Shady” rapper’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022.

In March 2020, he said on Mike Tyson’s YouTube programme Hotboxin’, “She’s made me proud for sure.” She has an undergraduate degree. That’s probably the accomplishment of which I’m most proud when I reflect on my career.

The father to Alaina, 29, and Stevie, 20, Eminem stated, “When children find themselves in a circumstance similar to mine, it’s critical to keep them grounded. People mistakenly believe that happiness is something that can be purchased with money, but this is untrue. All of this s—t has to be true inside; otherwise, it is all for naught.”

More of Hailie’s favourite social media moments can be found by scrolling down.

Hailie Jade, daughter of Eminem, announces her engagement: View the adorable images.

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The rapper’s ex-wife Kim Scott’s daughter Hailie Jade, 27, announced her engagement to Evan McClintock on Instagram on Monday.

Fans are waiting for the “Lose Yourself” singer to comment, but her renowned father hasn’t yet offered a public reaction to the news.

Twinning! In a recent image, Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade resembles him perfectly.

Some people immediately made fun of Eminem’s well-known line, “I wonder if knees were weak and his arms were hefty.”

Several of her dad’s early songs, including “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” for which she voiced the hook, were inspired by “Just a Little Shady” podcast presenter Hailie Jade. She made her musical debut when she was just 6 years old, and was later given the title of Youngest R&B Chart Entrant by Guinness World Records.

Taking the Sun’s Rays

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The rapper’s oldest child, Kim Mathers’ daughter, shows off her toned body in a black bikini.

Staying Covid Safe

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Hailie uses Instagram to encourage her followers to follow public health guidelines as the COVID-19 outbreak persists. She writes, “Seriously, it’s extremely vital to keep safe and healthy & socially withdraw/stay at home right now. The sooner everyone gets on board, the sooner we can stop the virus’s spread and return to as normal a state as we can!

lover of music

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“Lolla, I love you, but i’m feeling hella happy that I have a year to recover before I attempt to endure you again,” she writes on Instagram after attending the 2019 Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

Cam Poser

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In a photo posted to her Instagram in November 2018, Hailie, 25, showcases her dazzling whites for the camera.

New York Moment

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Hailie enters the streets of New York City sporting an easy-going elegant style.

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