Fire Emblem: Legends Spend 5 Years to Bring Classic Games into Modern Age

Fire Emblem Legends Spent 5 Years To Bring Classic Games Into The Modern Age
Fire Emblem Legends Spent 5 Years To Bring Classic Games Into The Modern Age

Fire Emblem was set to end with 2012’s Awakening for 3DS, as fans of Intelligent Systems’ tactical RPG game are well aware. The original Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light was launched in 1990 for the NES, kicking off a renowned franchise with a plethora of mechanics.

It was intended to show off everything but the kitchen sink and to gather as many ideas as possible for a wonderful conclusion.

This attitude was carried over into all subsequent entries, resulting in a “new,” beginner-friendly Fire Emblem that, in the view of many fans, eclipsed its predecessors. 

Fire Emblem Heroes has maintained the series’ history alive and given numerous characters fresh life over the previous five years as a festive mobile game.

On February 2, 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes was released. After the Awakening, it was followed by Fire Emblem Fates in 2015 excluding Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover.

Heroes is a Gacha game in which gamers earn Orbs, a premium currency that allows them to summon heroes from all around the series, by completing different chores or microtransactions.

The continuous story of Fire Emblem Heroes begins with a struggle between the countries of Askr and Embla, who formerly collaborated to open and seal portals to other worlds, respectively.

The gamer takes on the role of a self-insert character with the power to wield Breidablik, a heavenly relic that summons heroes with the help of the previously mentioned orbs.

What’s fascinating to see as a result of these achievements is how Fire Emblem Heroes spotlights older characters. Reinhardt, an adversary from the series’ possibly most obscure installment Thracia 776, was an early example: a sort of spin-off for the already Japanese-exclusive SNES title Genealogy of the Holy War, according to the Game Rant webpage.

Bring Classic Games Into The Modern Age

The Guardian from Three Houses is an excellent example of an auxiliary character that fans fell in love with to the point where he won a choose Your Legends popularity vote and was subsequently incorporated into the mobile game. 

While the smartphone game has kept the series’ legacy in mind, it has also dabbled in new territory. 

Since its introduction, Intelligent Systems has added new modes every year, spanning in genre from rhythm to auto-chess, and testing the waters on this modest scale implies the company is looking at the future.

The most current rumors point to a Fire Emblem remake in the works for Switch, but even if the next game is entirely original, there’s an opportunity for Heroes’ concepts to be expanded upon.

It’s doubtful that Fire Emblem Heroes will falter, no matter what comes their way. There are lots of characters from each installment of the franchise that has yet to shine, and the franchise is still stronger than other Nintendo mobile games after 5 years, based on the published West News website.

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