Anime Manga Series: Kuroko’s Basketball Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Anime Manga Series: Kuroko's Basketball Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary
Anime Manga Series: Kuroko's Basketball Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko’s Basketball manga will celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary. The TV anime adaptation was premiered in April 2012. Taiga Kagami, a rising power player, has recently returned from America. When he arrives at Seirin High School.

He meets Tetsuya Kuroko, an extraordinary young man. Kuroko isn’t excellent at basketball. In fact, he’s terrible, as Kagami discovers. And he’s so unassuming that he’s nearly invisible. 

Kuroko is the sixth member of the Miracle Generation, and his plainness allows him to throw the ball around without the other team recognizing him. As published by Otaku USA  magazine website. The basketball series appears to be in for a busy year, from those events to pop-up stores and beyond. 

Tenth year anniversary has a new music video

The official site for Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko’s Basketball anime adaptations revealed Monday that the brand would celebrate its tenth anniversary from April 2022 to March 2023. 

GRANRODEO and Kensho Ono will perform a new song, which will be accompanied by a music video including fresh animation scenes. The next anime music video will be produced by IG Productions once again.

A new important anime exhibition will open in Tokyo in April and Osaka in June as part of the initiative. A 10-year anniversary celebration! will also be held. It will be released in Tokyo in July and Osaka in September. From April, a new official franchise shop will open for a year in the department store Ikebukuro Parco. 

That NAMJATOWN, the Tokyo Amusement Park, will conduct events throughout the year. Namco will give away various Kuroko’s Basketball prizes in its entertainment locations, such as gaming halls, around the country.

The 1st TV animation series aired in 2012, the second season in 2013, and the third season in 2015. The anime film adaption of Kuroko no Basuke extra game sequel manga which is Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game, premiered in Japan in March 2017. Based on the published report of the webpage. 

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