‘Don’t Look Up’ Is Now Netflix’s Second-Most-Watched Movie Of All Time

Don’t Look Up begins to top the Netflix chart. It is becoming Netflix’s second most popular film of all time.

Over the week of January 2-9, the film received 58.2 million hours of global views. It has already surpassed Bird Box (282,020,000 hours) as Netflix’s second most popular film with 321,520,000 total viewing hours since its release on December 24.

The stats are based on how many hours a title has been watched in its first 28 days on the OTT platform, which is when the vast bulk of watching hours, are recorded.

Spy Caper Red Notice Is Still Most Popular On Netflix

Spy caper Red Notice, with 364,020,000 hours watched in its first 28 days, is still Netflix’s most popular film of all time.

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio appear in the end-of-the-world satire Don’t Look Up, which had been on the market for 19 days when the recent stats were compiled, indicating that it might become the all-time best-selling film this week or next. The stats tend to slow down at this point, but the picture may still have enough momentum to win the crown.

The film’s director, Adam McKay, earlier tweeted that he was “straight-up flabbergasted” by the film’s success.

Wrapping Up

Keeping all things aside, there are few days left for Don’t Look Up’s “First 28 Days” metrics to surpass Red Notice, which would be a tremendous accomplishment given how successful the Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson-starring film was for Netflix right after its release.