‘Genshin Impact’ Community Expresses Concerns Regarding A Study in Potions’ Difficulty

Image source: (miHoYo)

The hit open-world action role-playing game that is “Genshin Impact” has raked in a huge playerbase due to its awesome action-based battle system paired with anime-looking characters and the above-mentioned open-world setting. However, its community of players has expressed their concerns regarding the in-game event dubbed Study in Potions over the game activity’s level of difficulty.  

For the uninitiated, the Study in Potions is the most recent game activity in “Genshin Impact” as it was introduced by the time the game’s 2.4 patch went live. Albeit the event’s moniker, the limited-time activity is not requiring its playerbase to make their magical mixtures, Dexerto writes 

‘Genshin Impact’s Study in Potions   

Rather than the above-mentioned, its requisite to “Genshin Impact” players is to eliminate various enemies along the way with every succeeding floor becoming more challenging. This may well seem to be a walk in the park for tenured players since it is likely that they’ve already maxed out their characters, weapons, and constellations. However, this event will be extremely challenging for both new and free-to-play gamers.  

Players’ sentiments  

That said, a player over on the “Genshin Impact” subreddit commented on such a topic stating that it’s been a struggle for the vanilla collective (Traveller+Amber+Barbara+Lisa). The player further explained that he doesn’t have any character built up enough to be competitive similar to Study in Potions’ degree of difficulty adding that the timer is just so tight.  

As mentioned, to get the full bounty of Primogems, players are required to complete several floors of the trial which will be extremely tough since one can’t depend on one team comp to power his/her way to every floor.  

This resulted in a majority of “Genshin Impact” players requesting its developer – miHoYo – for a difficulty option. This would allow both new a casual players to participate in in-game events minus them getting punished for their overall skill and level.   

As of writing, miHoYo has yet to address the issue. Whether the developer will be making tweaks on how they handle in-game events remains to be seen.