BTS’s V Caught the Attention of Legendary Jazz Musician Jon Batiste, Asks for Collaboration


Fans were ecstatic about the possibility of a meeting between BTS V and Academy Award Winner Jazz Musician Jon Batiste at the upcoming Grammy Awards. The prospect of the two artists meeting piqued fans’ interest, sparking discussion about Taehyung’s desire to release a Jazz Track in the future.

V loves Jazz 

While V’s vocals have been wowing fans for years, he is also interested in other types of musical performance. He enjoys playing the trumpet in particular, and on BTS In the SOOP 2, he showed fans a glimpse of his trumpet practice. V enjoys jazz music and frequently recommends jazz songs to ARMY on Twitter and Weverse. Taehyung took to social media on November 6, KST, to express his profound affection for classic jazz music and some of its iconic singers and musicians. Taehyung also suggested some of his personal favorites to the audience. It’s not the first time Taehyung has expressed his love for the genre, and fans commented on his most recent posts, All Kpop posted. 

BTS V gave ARMYs a glimpse of him playing his trumpet in an episode of “BTS In the SOOP 2.” As a jazz and trumpet fan, it’s no surprise that BTS V enjoys listening to jazz music. It was only a matter of time before BTS V’s love of jazz music and trumpeting reached out to fellow artist Jon Batiste, according to Kpop Starz. 

To everyone’s surprise, Batiste confirmed that he is a huge fan of the Bangtan Boy. He also brought up BTS V and asked if he would be willing to work with him. The Award-Winning Musician followed V on Instagram and shared his trumpet rendition of “Autumn Leaves” in his Instagram story.

A possible collab 

Jon Batiste, who has the most nominations for the 2022 GRAMMYs, previously stated that he would love to meet V at the GRAMMYs after a fan expressed interest in seeing V and Jon Batiste interact.

#GRAMMYsAsk interview on Twitter, Jon Batiste stated that he has “much love” for BTS and can’t wait to see them perform at the GRAMMYs. He said that he had been speaking with V from BTS. He’s an accomplished musician, and they’ve been working on much cool stuff together, and it’s great to have that kind of shared culture happen, Koreaboo wrote. 

Jon Batiste appears to have high regard for V and the other members of BTS. But, of course, ARMYs want V to have the opportunity to work with Jon Batiste, especially since he holds such high regard for V as a musician.

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