Banesco Founder’s Son Dies After Saving His Fiance, Getting Hit by Boat Propeller During Tournament

Banesco founder's son died after being hit by boat's propeller
Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

During a fishing event in the Florida Keys, Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, 31, the son of the founder of the Banesco banking group, the Venezuelan billionaire Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez, died last Saturday after being hit by a vessel’s propeller.

Died after a fatal tragedy

While attending a fishing tournament in Florida, the fiancée of a rich banker’s son died trying to save her when she went overboard. Officials say she has no recollection of what happened during the fatal tragedy.

According to the New York Post, FWC officials said Montero fell from the stern of the boat when it was moving backward during a fishing contest in Key Largo with Escotet Alviarez, the youngest son of Banesco founder and president Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez.

The officials also stated that Escotet Alviarez jumped into the sea to save her after she fell about six miles off the shore of north Key Largo. He was killed when he was struck by the propeller of the boat, while Montero was able to dodge it. According to a statement from Banesco USA, the banker’s family has requested privacy as they deal with the tragic death of their loved one.

The Herald said late Monday that Montero, who was reportedly engaged to Escotet Alviarez, could not be reached for comment. As per the report, an investigation into the tragic incident is still underway, and more information may not be disclosed for months.

About Banesco

Juan Carlos Escotet Rodrguez and a group of entrepreneurs founded Banesco Casa de Bolsa in 1986. The group acquired Banesco Financial Organization and Banesco Banco Comercial. Off-shore operations commence simultaneously in Puerto Rico and Panama.

As stated on the company’s website, they’ve been pursuing a strategy of long-term and profitable growth focused on the development and delivery of high-value solutions to their clients, driven by their innovative DNA and desire for excellence. As a consequence of fusing innovation with tradition and support, they have become who they are today.

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