Ask Amy: Boyfriend’s family dysfunction spans generations

Dear Amy: My boyfriend of a decade (with a few breaks) does not have a close relationship with his parents. It really has no relationship at all with his two siblings. Later, the things have happened through the years that have upset people, and no one ever communicates or makes up with each other. He revealed that also doesn’t have good relationships with his young adult daughters. They seem to have chosen their mom over him during the time.
I’ve was said that that it hurts him, but he doesn’t feel he can do much about it. The guy does try to reach out, with little response from them. I then have gotten really frustrated with how everyone acts and the horrible communication and how badly they treat him, so I completely stay out of it. They said nothing to any of them because I barely know them, anyway. What is the right thing to do? The fact that he doesn’t have a caring family hurts me, too.
Later, it was suggested that he concentrate on trying to repair the relationship with his children. You can be helpful here by working on developing a braver and more functional communication style. It was by supporting his efforts, and by encouraging him to keep trying, with an open and loving attitude. If these girls have aligned with their mother, they might have been lied to and their own spirits and relationships poisoned. He should patiently try to rewrite the faulty narrative with the hopes of creating a new story line with this generation.