All You Need To Know About The Wailing

The Wailing

The Wailing is a South Korean movie which was released in the year 2016. It belongs to the genre of horror. The movie is directed by Na Hong Jin and the plot of the film is also written by him. The film stars actors Kwak Do won, the movie revolves around a policeman who is investigating  about a mysterious killing which is taking place in series. The producers of the movie include Suh Dong Hyun and Kim Ho Sung. It stars actors Kwak Do Won Hwang Jung Min, Chun Woo Hee, Jun Kunimura and others. In the movie we can see the cinematography of Hong Kyung Pyo. The film is edited by Kim Sun min. It was released on 12 May, 2016.

Get To Know About The Wailing Plot:

The Wailing Plot

The opening scene of the movie shows a Japanese man who comes to Gokseong, which is a small village at the mountains in South Korea. After some times a strange and mysterious infection occurs and spreads among the villagers. The virus caused them to behave in a deranged manner and cause them to kill their families violently. A naked woman arrives at the police station while officers Jong goo and Oh Seong Bok were discussing the Japanese stranger. The woman was raped by the stranger and was suffering from the same infection, have killed her family. She was seen in different places. The woman tells

Insight Of The Wailing Cast:

The Wailing Cast

The cast of the movie include Kwak Do won in the character of Jong goo who is the police officer and the father of Hyo Jin. Hwang Jung min is in the role of ii gwang, he is hired to protect the village. Chun Woo hee is portraying the role of Moo Myung, she is a white woman. Jun Kunimura Is in the character of japanese stranger. Kim Hwan hee is in the role of Hiyo jin, who is the daughter of Joo goo. Her Jin in the role of Jong goo, mother in law of Jong goo. Kim Do yoon is in the role of Yang I sam he is a Japanese Speaking deacon. Jeon Bae soo as Deok Gi. Jeong Mi nam is in the role of Heung gook. Choi Gwi hwa is in the role of Byeong gyoo. Lee Seon hee is seen in the role of the wife of Byeong gyoo.

All You Need To Know About The Wailing Critical Response and Release:

The Wailing Critical Response and Release

The Wailing was released on 12 May in the year 2016 in South Korea. The film was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18 at France, later it was released in United States on 18 May. The Wailing was also released in the online streaming platform Netflix, but after due course of time it was removed from the site and later was released on other platforms like Fandango, Now, VUDU, Hulu and Apple TV.

On the website responsible for review agitation The Wailing got a rating of 99% and an average rating of 8 out of 10, this analysis was based on 82 reviews which were given by the critics. The film had a very good impact on the audience and got widespread acclamation. On the website Metacritic, it has a score of 81 out of 100, which is based on 19 critical reviews.

Everything You Need To Know About The Wailing Ending and Deleted Scene:

The Wailing Ending and Deleted Scene

In the last scene we can see Jong goo who finds her daughter Hyo jin, she has murdered their family. She does not respond to the callings of Jong joo, he have tears in his eye. Later she approaches towards him and he gets killed. II gwang takes the pictures of the dead family, while Hyo jin is just sitting in trance. In the end Jong goo remembers all the happy moments he had with his daughter.

The deleted scene was supposed to be shown after the conclusion, In that scene we can see the japanese stranger who is sitting in a bench, calls a child by offering her chocolates, the girls mother stops her. A car is driven by II Gwang comes, the stranger sits in that car and disappears in the horizon.