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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a mobile game launched recently and is getting popular as every second passes. The remote version of this game was established in 2016 as augmented reality, abbreviated as (AR) mobile game. This is a part of the Pokemon franchise and is developed by none other than Niantic. They collaborated with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company because they needed different versions for different software like iOS and Android. 

It is an advanced game with advanced features like GPS to locate your devices and capture, train, and virtual battle creatures called Pokemon. 

Do you know about Pokemon Go spoofer?

Pokemon Go spoofer

Pokemon Go is the most famous AR mobile game ever, and there are millions of players who have installed this. Do you know the meaning of Spoofing? It is a technical term; I will try my best to explain it in straightforward language. Let us start with the fact that all the people in the world can play this game; as I have told you before that, in this game, you will see Pokemon in your location, and this is the most fun part of this game. So, to know your site and capture the surrounding match, you need access to the GPS, the camera, and many other permissions. So everyone playing this game is the string at a different location, and their areas must be notified if the game has to work correctly. Now, if you understand that accessing the site is essential for this game to work, we will go further. So, you will have to use a VPN and GPS with it. So the problem that many players face is that there are no Pokemon characters they can find near them and no nigh of the coveted rare ones to see in that location, so they have to use different areas for finding new species of Pokemon. So rather than put in the legwork, you use a VPN and other places to find Pokemon, called location spoofing. 

Latest Pokemon Go news:

Pokemon Go news

Pokemon are the main characters of this game; you get to find them capture them, and train them according to you, which means this game allows you to become a Pokemon trainer like jack, and you can show your talent here if you are at all interested in the Pokemon. Pokemon here in the game appear as if they are in the actual location of the person playing the game. The game is free; you are not supposed to give any money for playing this game. There are no premium features; there are only freemium features, and this model of the game has made it this game so freaking popular worldwide. The game was launched with around 150 species of Pokemon, and the number has become so huge now as the number of the Species has increased to about 700 by the year 2021. 

Are you familiar with the Pokemon Go release:

Pokemon Go release

As I have already told you about the game’s release, it was on July 6, 2016. It was then released in many countries like  Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. There are new games and new updates that are going on with this game. There is a worldwide pokemon training competition in which you can participate, which is why this game is in the news nowadays. 

The game was released worldwide, but the release dates were different; there were many versions of this game, and it has been updated like hundred times since its launch because nobody thought that its popularity would rise this high. There would be a need for adding new species and many other updates.