SpaceX Hints at Starlink Debut in India by Urging Government to Start Approving Satellite Technologies

SpaceX Hints at Starlink Debut in India by Urging Government to Start Approving Satellite Technologies

Well, technology is paving its way everywhere nowadays. SpaceX company owned by Elon Musk is now urging the Indian government to amend the policies formulated to introduce their satellite broadband project in India. The company is urging the government to amend the policies to allow satellite communication in India. The project name would be Starlink, and the project has been issued by the Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) on August 20. The consultation paper was a roadmap to promote broadband connectivity and also to enhance broadband speed. If India’s authority agrees to the recommendations of SpaceX, then Starlink can be launched in India by 2021. This article will cover everything you need to know about the news.

SpaceX recommendation to TRAI.

India is planning for the fast deployment of new technologies and consumer telecommunication services. The TRAI has also acknowledged the SpaceX recommendation, which has been issued by the vice-president of SpaceX. There are various recommendation includes which has been penned down, and some of them are following.

  • Satellite systems will use already assigned frequencies for their work.
  • The technology-neutral broadband frequencies should be encouraged so that they can reflect upon the next-generation services.
  • There should be an extended ‘blanket’ so that the respective have wide-spread satellite user terminal availability.
  • Users should coordinate with the scarce spectrum across all spectrums.
  • The unintended fee and taxes should not be applied because it will make broadband unaffordable.

TRAI Reply to SpaceX.


TRAI is not fully satisfied with the broadband infrastructure of Starlink. According to TRAI, the broadband service would not be available to every nook in the country through the recommended infrastructure and thus would create a problem. TRAI is suggesting SpaceX change the broadband infrastructure of Starlink to reach up to every corner of the country. Improvement should be made in a wired and wireless connection, including a new method of satellite communication.

The ISRO has recommended that Space-Based Communication Policy should replace the Satellite Communication Policy. The Indian Space Research Organisation has set few norms in the draft, which has been recommended to India’s government, and these are considered the next telecommunication policy. Starlink is also available in the US, and the draft posted by ISRO can create a problem for SpaceX.

Starlink is a constellation which will be used for setting up the broadband services. It is 4,400 non-geostationary orbit satellites that combine various other organizations to receive signals on earth. These satellites have been combined by SpaceX and have been launched in about 16 months. The largest operational cluster is formed by a factor of 2. There will be low-cost broadband services in India if this plan goes active.

India’s authority will consider the offer only if the ISRO and other organization will sanction the draft. Still, if they got satisfied, Starlink can only be launched and active next year. Till then, stay connected to Tornado Post.

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