Scariest G rated horror movies

G rated horror movies

We will be talking about the best of the Grated Horror movie and let me clear one thing first all the movies that I will be listing are the scariest movies ever and if you want to watch them then you should watch them on your own risk because every ha there own state of mind and different mental stability. So let us begin with the best movies that can fall into the G-rated horror movies category. 



The name does not do justice to the genre of the movie because it is one of the scariest movies ever and the number of paranormal activities that you will see in this movie is horrifying some of the scenes are just unbearable but this is what it takes to make a horror movie and this movie is just great. The storyline of this movie is very well directed a shown on the screen. I want you to know that if you want to watch it you have to watch it at your own risk because everyone has their state of mind and it all depends on you how much you can bear.

The audience enjoyed watching this movie in a 3-D theatre. The more you watch the movie and get to know the story the less scared you are and this movie is really good to watch if you love horror movies. There are two sisters who are being stalked by some kind of supernatural power and the story revolves around this only. 

Bathsheba (The Conjuring):

Bathsheba (The Conjuring)

People are Scared of these movies because they are all based on true stories and the fact that these movies are real and the things that happened in the movies are happened in real scares the shit out of people. This is the only reason why these movies are the best horror movies you can ever watch and this is the only reason why you should never watch a movie like this if you just can’t bear it. Bathsheba is the woman who started her life as a mortal and then she is introduced as the antagonist of the Conjuring. It a been a long time since she is dead but her connection to satan sets an apart from the all other spirits that are living inside the Peron Household and she gets the feeling that the spirit living inside the house is much much more powerful than any other spirit ever. The story will scare the shit out of I am sure and if you really want to feel the movie then I recommend you to watch it alone at night. 

Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise):

Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise)

This movie is the iconic one and this is not just the scariest movie ever but the scene it has are the most disgusting scenes I have ever seen in my life and some of them were so realistic and intolerable so I have to close my eyes but if you are someone you thinks they can bear it then go for it because it the most iconic scary movie ever. The role of the villain in this movie makes it the scariest ever. At first, he seems like a normal villain like we see in each movie but he is much more than just a villain. His name is Freddy and he doesn’t belong to this world. His entity resided in some other world which seems like a dream world and there are many things that set him apart from the other people. I have read the reviews of the movie and this is a serious thing because I have read the reviews where people disclosed that after watching Freddy they couldn’t sleep for several nights and this movie is capable of scaring you a lot more than you think. 

Pennywise (The It Duology):

Pennywise (The It Duology)

Here this “It” refers to something scary that has originated from another dimension and is known for the ability of Shapeshifting. There is the dancing clown in this movie and otherwise, the clone is fun to watch but whenever there is a clown in a horror movie it doesn’t seem like fun anymore and we all know that he will be unto something for sure. The name of the clown is Pennywise and he is capable of making you scared for the rest of your life whenever you will see a clown.