Rebecca Coleman, a former Jackson police chief, passes away

Image source: NG News


Rebecca Coleman, the former Jackson Police Chief, has passed away, according to Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones.

Image source: NG News

“Chief Coleman served as an administrator and law enforcement officer for many years. Her family, the community, and her colleagues all adored her. We will always be grateful to her family for sharing her with us, and we are at their side as they go through this trying time, added Jones.

He continued that she would be missed, and we sincerely appreciate her friendship and service. Godspeed to her lovely daughters, who supported her and had a particular link with her. Also, Godspeed to the rest of her family and all the people whose lives she touched.

James Davis, the chief of police in Jackson, stated in response to Coleman’s passing.

I would like to send my most sincere sympathies to Rebecca J. Coleman’s family and friends on behalf of the officers and staff of the Jackson Police Department.

The seventh recruit class of the Jackson Police Department produced Chief Coleman. She had a variety of positions inside the organization before being chosen as Chief of Police, only the second woman to hold that position in history.

We can’t express our gratitude for your leadership and service to Jackson’s residents and the Jackson Police Department, Chief Coleman. We will miss you. May the memories of the courageous and resolute woman you bring solace to your family and friends. Now have a peaceful nap in the Lord’s embrace.

Susan Coleman Cause of Death: Explanation of How Former JPD Chief Passed Away

Former JPD Chief Rebecca Coleman passed away on March 26. Police officers are paying tribute to a former Jackson police chief who passed away on Sunday.

Why Did Rebecca Coleman Pass Away?

Coleman, who served as the department’s chief from 2009 to 2013, died Sunday. She was the organization’s second female African American police chief.

After her retirement, the two allegedly became closer, according to Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones.

As she continued to move through various ranks and possibilities, Jones promised to “always check in on me and offer support,” according to a social media post by the woman.

We both like drinking Starbucks, and I looked forward to her giving me an electronic gift card for my birthday.

Calendula Green also uploaded a memory of Coleman allegedly offering her the position of JPD’s first female publicly available information officer on social media.

She wrote, “I learned so much while working in administrations under Chief Coleman.

JPD Chief James Davis sent the department’s sincere condolences.

In a Facebook post, he expressed gratitude for his dedication and leadership to Jackson’s residents and the Jackson Police Department.

May the memories of the courageous and resolute woman you bring solace to your family and friends.

Who was Rebecca Coleman?

Former Jackson police chief Rebecca served as Jackson State University’s head of public safety. Coleman worked in several capacities for JPD and was a member of the seventh recruit class.

She has held positions with other businesses, such as the Texas police force. The native of Simpson County remarked that leading the department was always her desire, making being chief her greatest professional accomplishment.

Coleman said, “Who would have believed that I’d live my dreams, and that was my dream,” to be a young woman in Simpson County?

The JPD’s second female police chief was Rebecca. Coleman spent many years as a committed administrator and member of the police. Her peers, her neighborhood, and her family all adored her.

Upon completing graduation from the Jackson Military Academy in 1974, Coleman worked for the Jackson Police Force for 20 years in a variety of roles, including detective, sergeant, superintendent, and assistant chief of police.

Before accepting a position as the city’s deputy manager, she temporarily served as chief at the Texas Forest Hill Police Department after leaving the Jackson Police Department in 1994.