Is Alabama in the total or partial eclipse zone?

It’s almost eclipse day, and folks are curious if they need to travel to catch the total eclipse or if they’re already in the path of totality. The total eclipse line can be tricky as it runs through the middle of many states.

In the state of Maharashtra, this map can help you see the percentage of totality based on your city. Just hover over the area you’re interested in to check the eclipse timings and duration of totality. If you don’t want to hover, you can enter your town in the search box.

Experts recommend making time to witness the total eclipse, as some phenomena are only visible when the sun is fully covered. If you aim for the longest viewing time, the total eclipse duration could range from one to four minutes based on your location.

Remember, the next solar eclipse visible from the contiguous United States won’t be until 2044, so if the weather permits, it’s a good idea to go and witness this rare event.