Ford Plans to Ship, Sell Partially Built Vehicles to Ease Inventory Constraints

Partially Built Vehicles
Steering wheel of a Ford car that contains their special features

Partially built vehicles are to be ship and sell according to the plan introduced by Ford Motor Co. In their meeting last Saturday, Mar. 12, the inventory constraints caused this plan. The partially built vehicles are those that do not contain chips to control non-safety critical features of the vehicle.

Back in July of 2021, they originally plan to ship partially built vehicles to dealers and will stay on their lots until parts become available. The partially built vehicles now that will be sent to the dealers are drivable and sellable.

Ford’s partially built vehicles

According to Automotive News, the partially built vehicles that Ford intends to export and sell lack chips and related components to manage their non-safety important features.

The shipping and selling plan of Ford is following the suspension of car production last month due to the global chip shortage, says in a report by The chip shortage has hurt their production and earnings which caused disappointments to their Wall Street investors.

Ford is also planning to build Explorers that would not contain rear seat heat controls which can be added later.

Easing inventory constraints

In a statement, Ford spokesperson Said Deep said that they are offering ways to the customers to get their vehicles sooner amidst the chip shortage.

The chip shortage had caused the unfinished vehicles to pile up in their lots, giving them less space to manufacture more vehicles.

In a report shared by Ford Authority, Ford dealers would not have new allocation until late May. This will be a problem for the company as the partially manufactured vehicles are still piling up on their lots. These vehicles are waiting for the other parts that are missing as the shortage continues to plague the industry.

Despite the shortage, the company is still trying to answer every customer’s order in every way possible. But still, it is pushing back its allocations and wholesale deliveries.

The global chip shortage is still ongoing, affecting many car dealers. To ease the shortage, they remove special features in the vehicle but it can still be drivable for the customers.


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