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upper moon 4

You can call it Upper Mood 4 or Hantnegu. Both are used as substitutes. It is one of the main antagonists of a village called Wordsmith village arc of the Demon Slayer Series. It is a top-rated series,, and the story includes when Hantengu turns into a demon and kills the official who put him in the lock-up. Someone was given the job of taking down the Swordsmith village with a person called Gyokko; you must know about the immortal body of Gyokko. So now Hantengu is the most annoying character for the audience. He is talented and the main lead; he also has the power of dividing himself into six different personas and demons who can act differently and have one-hundred percent different personalities. They all fight for him because he is the boss,, and they all are made of him;; hence, they follow Hantengu’s commands. This was just the brief.. I will explain everything about the upper moon 4 Hantengu from the series; who is upper moon 4 to all his abilities. 

What are the new updates regarding the Upper moon four demon slayer?

Upper moon 4 demon slayer

If you want to become a part of the Upper Moon Demons in Demon Slayer, you first have yourself. You have got to prove how strong you are and what you are capable of. You will have to prove that you are a typical Demon. This is a severe kind of practice, and this is done because you have to show your power to millions of tons of humans so that Muzan will notice you someday and will want to give his blood to you. This is a massive part of becoming a demon in demon slayer. It doesn’t sound easy,, and this is not easy. Once you devour the blood of the progenitor of demon kind, these demons gain the strength of a higher level and our powers and abilities to do the worst you can not imagine. The upper moon monsters in Demon Slayer are given a pretty high concentration of blood instead of the Lower moon Demons. As the name suggests, the upper moon monsters are on a higher level and even more potent, whereas the lower monsters are not that strong; instead, they do not have more power if we compare them to the upper ones. Kokushibo and Akaza are the primary two examples because both are turned into Demons and join the upper mood demons simultaneously through Muzan’s Blood. 

All the Upper moon names:

Upper moon names

Almost twelve main Demon moons are included in the Upper Moon category. Hantengu is the one where four upper moon demons were killed and replaced by Nakime in the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer series). But many prominent names are bursts of sunshine of the upper moon demons, and that is:


Upper moon names

Now,,, if I talk about Kokushibo,, the first thing about him is that he is the oldest and the highest ranking member of the twelve Kibuki members. He also has a family background, making him more natural as a Demon as he is the older twin brother of the legendary demon slayer, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He is mighty and is appreciated as a human as well. He was also very considerate as a human and, for many reasons, impressed Muzan. He gave Kokushibo his blood and turned him into a demon;; hence he became the first member of Upper Moon Demons.


Doma is a great name; I like it very much because it somewhat resembles my name. Doma was born into the paradise faith cult and was treated as if he was the one who would be a leader. Since birth, he has learned leadership qualities and feels like doing something outstanding in life. Doma made it possible as he is always looked upon as a leader, and at 20 years old, he met Muzan, who transformed Doma into a Demon. 


Akaza was made into a demon; his transformation was not expected like every other demon. He was transformed into a demon and was made an Upper Moon Demon all at once. As a human, he killed 67 humans and they all were members of a rival dojo. He was known as Hakuji when he was a human. His works were the ones that grabbed the attention of Muzan and he turned him into a demon immediately. There were many other famous humans who were turned into Demons by Muzan as soon as he saw what they are capable of like:- Hantengu,  Gyokko,  Gyutaro/Dak.