Everything about the anime character Toru Oikawa 

Toru Oikawa 

You must have heard of this famous anime character name Toru Oikawa. He is a very handsome and dashing character. He is so fictional, but his looks are excellent. I wish he could be real. He is included in the list of characters from a popular anime called Haikyu. Haikyu is a manga and an anime series as well. Haruichi Furudate creates the series. The story takes place in Japan. A group of Karasuno high school boys has a volleyball team. The main motive for them having a volleyball team is that they want the restore their school’s reputation and want to win all the tournaments they can. They want to qualify for the nationals, interact with other teams, and build long-lasting relationships with many team players. 

What is most wanted about Toru Oikawa Personality?

Toru Oikawa Personality

Daisuke Namikawa voices this character in Japanese, and we have Chris Patton for English. Toru Oikawa is a three-year student at Aoba Johsai high, this is high school, and he is the official captain of the school’s volleyball team for now. He was a rival, but after a time, he adjusted to the team and made a good team player. He is known as one of the great setters in the Miyagi prefecture. He used to be Tobio Kageyama’s senior when they both used to play for Kitagawa Daichi, and this story has been made into a different series by Shoyo Hinata and called “The Great King.” Now let me take you to the facts about Toru Oikawa’s personality. He has a very flirtatious nature and is very famous in his high school and neighborhood. He is very well aware that he looks handsome other than his colleagues and knows how to take advantage of the same. He still has a childishness in his behavior which makes him more attractive and innocent at the same time. He is earnest about his game and results. He seems well-balanced and extremely intelligent and cunning. His teammates and classmates are always jealous of him and don’t want to be friends with him. He jokes around everyone because he knows everyone’s weaknesses and uses that against them sometimes. He is very talented and looks handsome, but he has so many insecurities that he hates having. 

What are Toru Oikawa’s age and heights?

Toru Oikawa age and height

Toru Oikawa is the most handsome personality you will see in that school. He is also a volleyball player, indicating that he must have an above-average height. The exact number is 6’0.6″/184.3cm. He is taller than every other character in the series, making him more wanted. His height helps him improve his play and restore his school’s reputation. As we all know, he is a high school student and has just turned 18. He was born on July 20, 1994. He died when he was 18. Since then, he has been in the series but just as a ghost. 

Are you aware of Toru Oikawa’s death?

Toru Oikawa death

Toru Oikawa is 18 years old and was born on July 20, 1994. Being a very dashing personality, nobody ever thought that this day would come when we would discuss why he was dead. Yes, if you were unaware of this fact, I am sorry to tell you that this main character from the series is now finished. In the Declaration of War episode, he was declared extinct and fought a lot but could not make it. Some fans miss his character, and some enjoy that he is still present in the series as a ghost. Yes! Since his death, he has been watching over Iwaizumi as a ghost; when he realizes that his friend needs a break, he leaves him, he has also seen him shatter into pieces in front of him, and he also wishes for Reincarnation and promises to find Iwaizumi again.