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Travis kalanick girlfriend

You must have heard of this personality called Travis kalanick. He is a very famous personality. He is not an actor, writer, director, or producer. He is the man who came up with the brilliant idea of UBER. Do not be shocked. I know you didn’t expect this. His full name is Travis Cordell kalanick, born on August 6, 1097. He is an American businessman best known as Uber’s co-founder and CEO Chief Executive officer. Now the latest news is that he retired in the year 2017. He has also worked for Scour, a peer-to-peer file-sharing application company. He was not just the co-founder of Uber but also Red Swoosh, a peer-to-peer delivery network later sold to Akamai Technologies in 2007 or 2008. He was CEO of uber for so long, from the year 2010 to 2017 (almost seven years). The company was reported as following some unethical culture, including allegations and many more. That was when Kalanick resigned, ignoring the repost of sexual harassment at the company too. This was the most significant allegation; hence, he was supposed to quit. 

Any guesses about Travis kalanick’s net worth 2022?

Travis kalanick's net worth 2022

This will be the most exciting section of this article because here you will be shocked to your core when I tell you the actual amount of the net worth of Travis kalanick if you can guess, no worries! Go ahead! I appreciate your participation. Use the comment section below. So I have already told you that he has been Co-Founder of two multinational companies and served many years as a CEO of many companies. You are right if you guessed that he is a billionaire. Do not be shocked. He is rich and not just decadent like a millionaire. He is a billionaire. The exact amount of his net worth is USD 4 billion. He Is just 46 years old, and this is the kind of money he has earned in 46 years. He has sold almost ninety percent of all his shares in uber and invested around $150 million in a real estate redevelopment company called City Storage systems. He has invested his money in so many companies, and he knows what he is doing with his money. 

What is the truth about Travis kalanick wife? 

Travis kalanick wife

He has many relationships and is so wealthy that he is always seen with so many girls. He had many serious relationships that lasted more than a year, but unfortunately, he is not married yet. I know this is shocking because he was born on August 6, 1976, which means he is almost 46 years old and still unmarried. But he Is enjoying his life because he is a god, damn billionaire. There are no rumors about him getting married shortly as well. 

Everything about Travis kalanick girlfriend:

Travis kalanick girlfriend

Travis kalanick is in the news nowadays because he is in a relationship with his current girlfriend, whose name I will reveal below in this section itself. He is not that open about his personal life, but as he is a billionaire, all the news channels and paparazzi have done a great job deep inside his personal life. He dated gabi Holzwarth for almost two years, from 2014 to 2016. She is a violinist and was gorgeous. She has excellent taste in fashion. But what about right now? It’s the year 2022, and is he dating someone currently? I bet he is because I already know the name of the girl he is dating. And this is the time I will be revealing that to you. He is seeing a Columbian model named Daniela Lopez Osorio. She is beautiful and charming. Before this Columbia model, he had one official relationship, and that was with the violinist.