Why Isn’t Sasuke in Naruto’s Greatest Redemption Arc?

Naruto and Sasuke
Why Isn't Sasuke in Naruto's Greatest Redemption Arc?

Naruto’s path to becoming the Hokage was not straightforward. During the onslaught of the Nine-Tails, he lost both of his parents. 

The people who lived inside the Hidden Leaf regarded him as a monster as he grew up. They condemned him for being responsible for so many people’s deaths. 

He faced numerous difficulties throughout the Naruto series. He remained faithful to his convictions and never wavered from his path. 

Naruto encountered a lot of new individuals on his voyage. Some of them became his friends, while others became his adversaries. Naruto’s speeches assisted many people in coming to terms with themselves. 

Nagato Uzumaki is one of the numerous characters affected by Naruto. Based on the post on the Game Rant site. 

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Gaara is the son of the Land of Wind’s Fourth Kazekage from the Hidden Sand Village. He, like Naruto, is a jinchriki who grew up in a dark and lonely world. 

As a youngster, the villagers considered him as a monster having terrible and demonic power since he was the One-Tail (Shukaku) jinchriki.

Nagato was only a kid when he was bestowed the power of a god by Madara Uchiha’s Rinnegan. With the hopes of retrieving his eyes in the future.

Nagato awakens the Rinnegan’s power for the first time after witnessing Leaf shinobi unfairly slaughter his civilian parents.

He meets Konan and Yahiko, who are also war orphans. They then seek out the Legendary Sannin in the hopes of learning ninjutsu.

Sasuke is fixated on his hatred for his elder brother, Itachi. After his family and clan were killed when he was a toddler. Sasuke pursues Orochimaru and the power he’s promised.

Despite several attempts from his sensei, friends, and classmates to stop him. He’s labeled a renegade shinobi. Based on the post on the cbr.com site. 

Orochimaru has always been driven by his desire to discover all of the world’s Jutsu and mysteries. Placing his quest for knowledge ahead of other people’s lives. He, along with Tsunade and Jiraiya, becomes one of the Legendary Sannin as a Leaf shinobi. 

The three teams fight in the Second Great Ninja War.  Orochimaru has little respect for the sanctity of human life, even suggesting that war orphans be killed.

Obito is a member of the Uchiha clan who fights with Kakashi, Rin, and Minato. When Rin is abducted while on their assignment, Obito persuades Kakashi to sacrifice the mission in order to save her. 

The cave begins to crumble during their rescue operation, and Obito sacrifices himself to protect Rin and Kakashi. He gives Kakashi his left Sharingan and accepts his death because he was able to save Rin.

As he is crushed under a boulder with no apparent prospect of escape. Madara Uchiha locates him and saves his life. By restoring his damaged body using White Zetsu and Hashirama Senju’s cells.


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