Why is Victoria Muthoni Theuri missing? She was located dead in Kahawa Wendani at the residence of her lover.

Victoria Muthoni Theuri
image source: kesusentinel

Victoria Muthoni Theuri is missing; what happened to her? She was discovered dead in Kahawa Wendani at the residence of her lover.

image source: kesusentinel

The Public Policy & Administration student left her parent’s Kahawa Sukari, Kiambu county home on Christmas Day after telling them she had visited her sister.

Her parents became concerned when she didn’t get home as planned and contacted her sister, whom she had previously seen.

Victoria Muthoni Theuri went Missing:

A public administration and policy student named Victoria Muthoni Theuri mysteriously disappeared on Christmas Day. That day, she told her parents in Kahawa Sukari, Kiambu County, that she had visited her sister.

That evening, when her sister didn’t get home, her parents contacted her to find out if she intended to stay at her house or return home.

She couldn’t access her phone and didn’t arrive at her house as planned.

Victoria’s parents called Victoria’s sister to find out if she would be coming home or if she would be at her house.

Victoria’s sister reportedly told the police that she hadn’t seen Victoria.

On December 31, 2022, a Kenyatta University student who had been absent for five days was discovered dead at her boyfriend’s home in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County.

A student studying public policy and administration named Victoria Muthoni Theuri vanished on Christmas Day, December 25, 2022.

Police believe the missing KU student passed a minimum of three days before her body was discovered in her boyfriend’s home in Wendani.

She informed her parents, who live in the nearby community of Kahawa Sukari, Kiambu county, that day that she had travelled to see her sister, as per her parents and the police.

The parents then contacted the Kahawa Sukari Local Police to report the occurrence.

When Victoria informed them that the student hadn’t yet visited her, her phone had already been switched off.

On Boxing Day, she didn’t return home the following day, so her parents called the Kahawa Sukari Police Department to report the incident. Then an investigation was begun.

What happened to Victoria Muthoni Theuri?

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According to other authorities, Victoria had issues with her parents, but she had never vanished before. Even worse, while she was still enrolled in school, she supposedly became pregnant with a person her parents was unaware of.

Even though her pregnancy had severely disrupted her connection to her parents, she kept up her pledge to attend school and live at home in an affluent neighbourhood.

She frequently spent some time at her boyfriend’s house in Alvo House before going home after school, the police claim to have found.

While her family was seeking her, the area’s neighbours started to smell something awful coming from one of the shuttered flats.

Police Investigation On December 29, when they got to the residence, the police used welders to force through the door. They discovered Victoria’s motionless body in the living room with no obvious injuries. Authorities claim that she passed a minimum of three days earlier.

After leaving for his country home, Victoria’s boyfriend was quickly detained.

He was then taken to the Ruiru sub-county office of the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI), where he would be questioned.

On Christmas Day, according to the boyfriend, he left Victoria at his house and went to his parent’s place.

Police are investigating the method of the university student’s death.

Security personnel responded by looking into the situation, starting an inquiry, and recommending that the families and the public maintain their composure during the process.

The police station in your neighbourhood should be contacted if you have any information that could aid the investigation, according to the authorities.


Many people have expressed their sincere sympathies to Vicky Muthoni Theuri.

May the All-Powerful Lord grant Victoria Muthoni Theuri’s family peace in these challenging times. May your soul be at peace, Poleni fraternity, at the school of public policy and management at Kenyatta University. Devastating!”

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