Who Is the Girlfriend of Jack Harlow? His Dating History in Details

Jack Harlow

With his massive singles, such as “First Class,” which went viral on TikTok and propelled Jack Harlow to stardom during the past year, he has unquestionably emerged as the man of the moment. It’s no secret that the rapper makes his fans swoon with every red carpet appearance and live performance, but is he engaged or single? The following information about Jack Harlow’s past relationships and if he currently has a girlfriend is important to know.

Who is Jack Harlow dating?

At the time of writing, Jack is still single. The “What’s Poppin” actor recently spoke with GQ Hype about his thoughts on dating.

Sad to say, but he acknowledged that dating a fan would result in him “closing up a little” and that he wouldn’t be open to it. Jack said, “I adore women, and I like dating. Funny thing is, opportunities increase as you become larger. Ironically, though, the stakes cause you to close a little.

“There’s also a stigma behind it,” he continued. I recall when I was younger hearing artists who were more famous than I was talking about how some girls desired him only because he was a rapper. That was amazing, in my opinion. I couldn’t wait for girls to start wanting me just because I started making art.

But today, he declared, “I have no interest in that.”
Jack said that in order to make sure that whatever occurs between them is just for them, he makes any girl he hangs out with or dates sign NDAs.

Jack Harlow and Saweetie

When Jack and Saweetie interacted on the red carpet at the BET Awards in 2021, they upset viewers and started romance rumours.
It all began when the rapper from “Industry Baby” introduced himself to Saweetie during one of her interviews, and the ensuing conversation left fans feeling like they could cut the tension with a knife.
Jack clarified, however, that nothing was being shot, and that the occasion was simply for him to say hello.

Jack Harlow and Addison Rae

In April 2021, after being pictured together at an Atlanta boxing fight, Jack and TikTok actress Addison Rae first started dating rumours. The two were supposedly hanging out, and Addison was said to have liked several of Jack’s Instagram postings.

The He’s All That actor quickly dispelled the rumours, tweeting only “I’m single” at the time.

Jack Harlow Career & Net Worth

Till 2021, Harlow continued to put out mixtapes and singles. 2018 saw his signing with the Generation Now Record label. He achieved worldwide fame in 2020 thanks to his hit Whats Poppin. It was also Grammy nominated. In 2020, Jack Harlow’s first album, That’s What They All Say, was made available.

It received a platinum certification and experienced enormous commercial success. Come Home The Kids Miss You, his second album, was released in 2022. The album’s main single, “First Class,” became a tremendous smash and peaked at the top of the Billboard charts. Jack Harlow has been nominated for numerous prominent accolades and has also gotten a Billboard Music Award.

Jack Harlow Girlfriend/Relationship

Jack Harlow’s height is approximately 6’2 and many women prefer to date tall men, therefore it’s apparent that he has dated a variety of people. Anyone may be drawn to him by his appearance, his sense of style, and his enormously successful music; he has been dating Addison Rae since 2021. Then, because he chooses to keep his love life private and doesn’t post anything about it on social media, there are certain suspicions regarding his sexuality, according to which he is gay.

Jack Harlow Education & Family

Due to the fact that his parents, Maggie Harlow and Brian Harlow, were successful businesspeople who owned a firm, Jack Harlow was born into an affluent household. In their hometown, on a horse farm, he and his brother Clay Harlow were raised. From the time he was a young child, he had been interested in music, rhymes, and songs.

He is Brian and Maggie Harlow’s first child, and he has a younger brother named Clay Harlow. In 2021, he had a romantic connection with American media star Addison Rae.

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