Who is Shemar Moore Girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon? Learn more about the pregnant model who is expecting the couple’s first child!

Shemar Moore
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Who is Shemar Moore Girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon?

Many people are curious about Shemar Moore’s partner Jesiree Dizon after the major announcement that he is expecting his first kid!

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Shemar announced that he and Jesiree expect a girl later this year in a new clip from his forthcoming visit on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Since when Shemar and Jesiree have been dating is unknown. However, it appears to have been about 2021 when one of her followers hinted on Instagram that she might become “Shemar Moore’s future wife.”

Her internet profiles indicate that Jesiree is both an actor and a successful model for Wilhemina.

She previously played the fairy Delilah on the HBO series True Blood. She debuted in the fifth season of the popular show, which concluded in 2014.

Along with Charli, Jesiree also has an older daughter from a previous relationship with Stephen Bishop.

She also has an older son from a previous union.

In the gender-revealing video that Shemar had posted, Jesiree stated, “I truly just want whatever is healthy, joyful like [Moore] says 10 fingers, 10 toes.” It will be fantastic, and I’m eager for this part of our lives together.”

On the third anniversary of his mother’s passing, Shemar Moore announces that he expects his first child.

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On The Jennifer Hudson Show, Shemar Moore announced that he would become a father for the first time next month.

The S.W.A.T. actor made the first public announcement about the birth of his first child on The Jennifer Hudson Show, which will run on January 26.

“Shemar Moore, age 521/2, is who I am. Currently, my mother is in paradise; on February 8, it will be three years since her passing “He said. And on February 8, I will fulfil one of her fantasies since Shemar Moore will soon become a father.

As the crowd cheered, Hudson congratulated the actor and said his mother was “looking down on him from heaven” after hearing the actor’s happy baby news.

“I’m overjoyed. I apologise that she can’t be here. For a while, I was concerned that it was a case of “that ship has sailed,” but God had my back and everything was in place.”

“I know once God does call my name, after I get this experience, I’ll be prepared to go to heaven entire,” Moore stated. “My life is already very wonderful, but I know this experience will allow me to go to heaven whole.”

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Alum of Criminal Minds Shemar Moore made known the news of his and Jesiree Dizon’s impending parenthood. Find out when the child will be born.

On Monday, the actor posted a gender detection video on Instagram with his girlfriend Jesiree Dizon and his baby’s mother. To find out the gender of their impending birth, the two met with family and friends.

The two exchanged predictions, with Dizon pointing out that she is already a parent to one of each. The 39-year-old model and actor Stephen Bishop have a 5-year-old daughter named Charli together. She also has a son named Kaiden from a previous partner.

She intimated that perhaps the pair would have more than one child: “If we have a son, we’re one and done.”

Later, Moore continued, “I’m about to become a parent come February 8, 2023, and it was either likely to be Legend, young buddy, or it’s likely to be Frankie, a tiny baby girl.

The crowd cheered as pink smoke was released, signalling the couple would be welcoming a daughter next month, as a chopper flew overhead.

The actor has special memories of February since his mother, Marilyn Wilson Moore, passed away in 2020. He told PEOPLE shortly before her passing that he had taken her to inspect a large 9,000-square-foot Los Angeles mansion he planned to purchase to get her approval before making an offer.

The former star of Criminal Minds admitted to PEOPLE, “I took my mom to the house.” “This is my son’s home,” she replied after looking around. Boo, I’m happy for you. And I wish you a wonderful life as a result.”

The actor felt committed to honouring her legacy in his new place.

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