Who is Sandy Thorngren in 9/11: The Fifth Plane?

Sandy Thorngren
Image source: twitter/@TMZ

Who is Sandy Thorngren in 9/11: The Fifth Plane?

Image source: twitter/@TMZ

On 9/11, flight attendant Sandy Thorngren expressed her concerns about the passengers on board United 23.
With the flight possibly being the fifth plane to be attacked, no arrests have been made.

While the effects of the 9/11 tragedy are still felt today, the survivors’ and first responders’ fortitude is a monument to the endurance of the human spirit.

A flight attendant getting ready to take off on 9/11 told FBI officials that her jet had six unusual passengers and that she thought it would be the fifth flight in the terrorist attack.

Who is Sandy Thorngren?

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Sandy Thorngren was a flight attendant on United 23, a flight sitting on the runway at JFK airport in New York. Once the north building of the World Trade Center was hit at 9:03 am, the plane that was supposed to take off at 9 am was recalled to the gate.

Following the incident, the FBI contacted Thorngren and her coworkers to set up interview sessions regarding what had happened on the plane. The agents spoke with each crew member privately in their hotel accommodation.

Thorngren stated that she had told the investigators that she suspected certain persons on the plane in TMZ INVESTIGATES: 9/11: THE FIFTH PLANE, which airs on Fox on Monday at 9 pm ET.

She identified precisely four passengers sitting in first class and two guys in business as the “strange persons” she suspected were on board. Thorngren continued, pointing out that she had called the investigators’ attention to one member of the group who was perspiring uncontrollably.

United 23 was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission’s formal report, and no travelers on board the aircraft were detained.

The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, claimed 2,977 lives over four local group members tsweatingiest terrorist attack in American history.

Many people have worked on analyzing the reasons behind the attack in the years following 9/11. Although the causes of the attack are complicated and multidimensional, it is obvious that a tiny number of people with a perverted mindset carried it out.

Despite the horrors and sadness of that day, the survivors’ reanalyzed bravery and the first responders’ selfless actions are proof of the persistence of the human spirit. Although the effects of 9/11 will be felt for many generations, it is crucial to remember that we can survive even the most difficult situations when we band together.

Was the JFK to LAX flight 23 of United Airlines a part of the 9/11 terrorist plot?

Image source: Twitter/ @consequence

Flight 23’s captain thinks it was a target of the 9/11 attack. Flight 23 was claimed to have engaged in suspicious behavior, and box cutters were found.

The possibility that Flight 23 was the “fifth plane” attacked on 9/11. How did Tekashi 6ix9ine fare? A group of men attacked a rapper inside a gym in South Florida.

A group of men attacked rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine inside a South Florida gym. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital with critical wounds.

Reasons for Marvin Gaye III’s divorce from Wendy Gaye

Image source: Twitter

About 2 months after he was charged with allegedly throwing a weapon at Wendy Gaye’s head, Marvin Gaye III sought separation from Wendy Gaye.

Just two months after being charged with allegedly firing a weapon at his wife Wendy Gaye’s head, Marvin Gaye III filed for divorce, according to a TMZtwotwotwotwotwostory.

Marvin Gaye III has cited January 12 as the date of their split, which coincides with the date he was detained for the domestic violence incident, according to legal records acquired by TMZ.

Gaye III, Marvin Gaye’s adopted son by Anna Gordy, was detained during a physical altercation with his wife and cousin at his Calabasas home.

Wendy claimed her husband dragged her off the ground by grabbing her by the neck. He allegedly started assaulting both of them physically until her cousin stepped in. She claimed that Marvin Gaye II also brandished a gun at their heads once during the argument.

Gaye III surrendered a day later and was charged with felony domestic abuse and misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. Yet, he was soon freed after paying a $50,000 bond.

Gaye III has cited “irreconcilable issues” as the cause of his separation from his wife, according to paperwork obtained by TMZ. He is now requesting that the court refuse to grant Wendy a spomisdemeanor. There is no disagreement that the couple did not have any children.

It’s noteworthy that Gaye II doesn’t give a wedding date. Only “TBD” is mentioned.

The renowned American soul musician and songwriter Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III, also goes by the name Marvin Gaye Jr. Although he has the same name as his father and musical aptitude, he has encountered many difficulties and controversies.

Marvin Gaye III received a five-year prison term in 1990 for drug-related offenses. On the ownership of his father’s inheritance and musical rights, he has been engaged in several legal disputes with his brothers and other family members.

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