Who is Nina Myskow? All about British Journalist.

Nina Myskow
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Who is Nina Myskow?

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Born Janina Marcela Myskow, Nina Myskow is a British journalist and television personality. In the 1980s, she wrote a column for The Sun and the News of the World with the byline “The Bitch on the Box.” She made an appearance on New Faces and has contributed frequently to Grumpy Old Women and several countdown lists shows.

Nina Myskow’s Biography

Nina Myskow, a British journalist and television personality, was born Janina Marcela Myskow. She was conceived in St. Andrews, England. The popularity of the television personality stems from her participation in “New Faces.” In the 1980s, she wrote “The Bitch on the Box” columns for the Sun and The News World and contributed to Grumpy Old Women. She has recently been producing weekly podcasts for Saga on the “not going out club.”

Who is Nina Myskow’s partner?

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Nina Myskow Partner Nina is married to Grant McCahon. Not much is known about their relationship as Myskow prefers to keep her personal affairs private. There is no known information about McCahon making it difficult to know anything about him.

Who is Kate Myskow’s husband, Grant McCahon?

Myskow is married to Grant McCahon. McCohan is a media consultant in London. Myskow and her husband have kept their marriage life private. Details of whether they have children or not are available to the public. Myskow attended Wykeham Collegiate School in South Africa.

Nina Myskow’s Education & Early Life

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Myskow was born in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, to a Scottish schoolteacher and a Polish officer father. After the Second World War, her parents relocated to South Africa, where she grew up and studied Afrikaans while attending Wykeham Collegiate School in Pietermaritzburg. At the age of 15, she and her family relocated back to Scotland, where she enrolled in Bell Baxtar High School in Cupar. She didn’t complete her studies in English literature at the University of St. Andrews.

After working as a writer for Jackie for a while, Myskow was appointed the magazine’s first female editor. She participated as a panellist on three episodes of New Faces and Through the Keyhole. She participated in conversations on This Morning’s This Morning and The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Daybreak, and The Michael Ball Show, the last of which was cancelled in 2010. She has also reviewed the newspapers. Love, S*x, and the Pursuit of Chocolate was the title of her autobiography.

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She made several appearances on the Big Brother spin-off series Big Brother’s Bit on the Side and entered the Big Brother house in August 2012 for a media training task. She participated in a celebrity-only episode of the game show Pointless in 2015 with Gyles Brandreth and took home a prize.

In December 1985, the actress Charlotte Cornwell filed a libel action against The Sunday People and Myskow, who was at the time working for the News of the World. At the High Court, a jury gave Cornwell a £10,000 damage award. Myskow described Cornwell as ugly and middle-aged in a piece for the People, adding that her “bum is too wide.” After Myskow appealed, the damages were increased to £11,500 during a retrial, but costs were assessed against Cornwell.

How old is Jessica Myskow?

She was a columnist for “The Bitch on the box” for the Sun and The News World in the 1980s and a contributor to Grumpy Old Women. Recently, she has been doing weekly podcasts on” not going out club” for Saga. Born on May 18, 1946, Myskow is 76 years old as of 2022.

What is Jackie Myskow’s net worth?

Myskow has an estimated Net Worth of $6 Million dollars. Her career as a news journalist is her primary source of income. Myskow worked as a writer for Jackie, and she later became the first female editor of the teenage magazine. On television, she appeared as a panellist on Through the Keyhole and three series of New Faces.

Why Nina had to face controversies?

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Nina Myskow has come under fire for saying that millennials are “snowflakes” and that ladies applying makeup on trains are “lazy and selfish.”

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