Who Is Maxine Wahome? Rally Driver Under Trouble Over Domestic Violence Allegations

Maxine Wahome
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Maxine won the first Lioness All-Rally Women’s in March 2022 at Kasarani.

After a year of competing in all of the rallies in the area, Maxine Wahome, the only woman driver inside the WRC Safari Rally, has learned a lot.

Wahome was arrested on Monday in a flat in Kilimani after Asad’s parents reported the situation to the police. She was released on Ksh 100,000 cash bail on Wednesday after spending 2 nights in custody.

According to a court report, police arrived on the spot and discovered blood and household items on the floor and the staircase.

Maxine Wahome, a celebrated rally driver, has always been a favorite of the Kenyan people; she would seem to do everything right and lift the country’s flag higher every time she got behind the steering wheel.

Her stunts in the rally spot obtained her national acclaim and endorsement from a number of the major brands in the corporate world.

She has broken records during her working tenure, and despite her warm smile, she always seemed hungry and intended even more glory.

Things have taken an ugly and unplanned twist for Maxine this week.

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She was taken into custody and accused of attacking her boyfriend, fellow racing driver Asad Khan, and abandoning him, struggling for his life in the hospital.

Maxine, who has been gaining in popularity on social media for the last two days, was apprehended on Monday from a Kilimani flat after Asad’s brother reported her to local cops for allegedly trying to hurt him.

As per the evidence shown to the court, when police officers arrived on the scene, they discovered blood and household supplies on the ground and stairway.

“Upon further investigation, one of the window slider glasses, in addition to the two-door window pane glasses, were damaged,” the court document stated.

After noticing that she had been cooperating fully with authorities, the court decided to release her on Ksh.100,000 money bail after she spent two nights in custody.

But how did Maxine Wahome end up here? To put it simply, who is Maxine Wahome?

Maxine began riding at age ten and began at road racing events before moving on to rallies. Jimmy Wahome, her father, is a former rally driver who influenced her to start riding motocross.

In June of the same year, she became the first Kenyan lady driver to win the prestigious World Rally Championship 3 (WRC-3) on her first try.

The 25-year-old had also started making her WRC3 in her land with her new Ford Fiesta, leading 14 of the 18 stages and completing 17th overall in 5.20.21 hours.

Maxine appeared cheerful and at ease at the end, but she explained the rally as one of the most difficult of her more than ten years in motorsports.

“It was a difficult rally, an especially tough one for me because of a brand-new car; however, my goal was always to learn the vehicle and take everyday life step by step. “That’s what helped bring me here,” Maxine explained.

The toughest stages, she said, were at Hell’s Gate on Sunday as well as in Kedong, in which the infamous fesh fesh troubled drivers.

Maxine, who joined the FIA Rally Stars this year, has had the most eventful year in the sport. Last year, she was part of the Safaricom-sponsored driver roster.

Driving a Subaru, she took part in all of the rallies available in the region, traveling to Uganda and Rwanda & thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

She has since competed in the World Rally Championship Safari Rally in Voi, Machakos, and Ramis, in addition to other autocross occasions in Nairobi and Mombasa.

She’s also a preschool teacher, so you can find her in a classroom teaching kindergarteners their ABCs when she’s not racing.

“Each rally has helped me progress from being at the bottom of the beginning list to progressing gradually. “The guys who supported me with the car, the gameplay, the coach, as well as the parental support is what’s gotten me to where I am right now,” Wahome said in a February question-and-answered session with Spice FM.

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Little is known regarding her relationship with Asad, but sources say they’ve been seeing one another for over a year.

Wahome is under investigation for causing great bodily harm, which will almost certainly result in a lengthy prison sentence if convicted.

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