Who is Kyrsten Sinema’s ex-husband? Have a look at Blake Dain’s life: Bi$exual senator who opposes $15 minimum wage

Kyrsten Sinema
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Sinema got elected to the Senate in 2019 after representing Arizona’s 9th congressional district as a state senator in 2013.

Bise*xual Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is making headlines right now for her debatable advocacy for the temporize in the Senate.

Kyrsten Sinema husband
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Born and raised homeless ever since her parents separated, the first avowedly bisexual congressional member has a longstanding experience of disobeying the norm. As a child, she popularly resided in an abandoned gas station before moving into a house with the support of a church. Sinema is also known for not practicing any religion; at her inauguration, she took her oath on a copy of the Constitution instead of the Bible.

Surprisingly, Sinema took her oath alone at her Congressional inauguration. No family member has accompanied her, as most Senators are. It’s just one of the many differences between Sinema and the rest of the world. She emerged as bisexual in 2005 and has served as a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights ever since. Besides these, she is popular for her vigorous support of the sovereign and now trending on Twitter for her support of the filibuster. As part of the American Rescue Plan, Senator Sinema has also voiced opposition to key components, such as raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Anne Friedman of Elle says, “There are many things about Sinema’s story that seem unbelievable.” One example is the story of her marriage to Blake Dain, which ended.

Kyrsten Sinema
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On 3 November 2018, Kyrsten Sinema joined the pregame coin toss at Sun Devil Stadium before the Utah Utes and Arizona State Sun Devils game in Tempe, Arizona.

Who is Kyrsten Sinema?

The Arizona senator was born in Tucson to a middle-class family. When she was 8, her parents got divorced, and she moved to Florida with her mother and sister. They became homeless after her stepfather lost his job, forcing the family to live in an abandoned gas station. She cites this experience as a key factor in shaping her political ambitions and becoming a social worker.

After a few years, her situation changed, and Sinema finally graduated from school at 16. Later she attended Bringham Young University in Utah and received her bachelor’s degree in social work. Eventually, she got her master’s from Arizona State University in 1999 and achieved a doctorate. She began her journey as a social worker at a low-income elementary school in Pheonix. According to the Elle biography, ” In 2000, her school district budget was too low, and her fellow workers voted her to go to the state capitol and raise her voice against the cuts. Hence she decided to run for office.

However, she lost her first election as an independent candidate. In the next, she registered as a Democrat and emerged as the youngest lawmaker of Arizona. Following that, she went on to represent Arizona’s 9th district as a congresswoman in 2013 before becoming the Senate in 2019.

Who is Blake Dain?

Sinema met Dain at BYU, as stated in a biography published by AZ Central. Dain was said to be a few years senior than Sinema. She has never spoken about her marriage publicly, so we know nearly nothing about Dain. Sinema is incredibly private about her personal life. When Friedman questioned her private life, she responded, “That isn’t really your concern, in my opinion. People do not question these stuff to young men in politics.”

Sinema never stated about Dain or her family life, so it’s unclear whether the two have been married or simply dating. We do not know if her relationship with Dain helped her to realize she was bi or if she was always bise*ual.

Supporting LGBTQ Community

Simena’s sexuality was revealed in a quite dramatic manner. When she was a member of the Arizona State Legislature in 2005, a Republican colleague disrespected LGBTQ people. “We’re also like any other people who want and deserve to be respected,” she responded fervently. When reporters questioned her use of the word “we,” she responded, “Duh, I’m bisexual.”
Despite being even more conservative than many of her colleagues, she is a staunch proponent of LGBTQ rights in Congress. In 2006, she led the charge against a proposed amendment to the Arizona state constitution that prohibited same-s*x marriages and civil unions. She was also instrumental in Arizona legalizing gay marriage in 2014.

She signed a document in support of the Equal Rights Amendment in 2020, which was forwarded to then-majority leader Mitch McConnell. However, her massive support for the filibuster signifies that the law is unlikely to pass.

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