Who is KELY Nascimento-DeLuca?

Kely Nascimento
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Who is Kely Nascimento-Deluca?

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Kely Nascimento-Deluca, the oldest child of Brazilian soccer icon Pelé, was born in Santos, Brazil. Kelly has been a New Yorker since Pelé relocated with his family to Manhattan in 1975 to perform for the NYCosmos.

Kelly graduated from the Parsons School of Design and has experience as a multi-media producer, creative director, and editorial, portrait, and social commentary photographer.

For the first time since 1950, her native Brazil hosted the World Cup in 2014, and Kely captured her father’s experience in a video blog for which she produced daily content, offering the world a glimpse at The Real Pelé (FB @therealpelé). There were significant television networks all around the world that aired The Real Pelé.

Kelly is now working on a documentary and a global multi-platform project to promote women’s soccer & equality around the world. She is also a dedicated Envoy for the Global Goals World Cup, which can be found at ggwcup.com. Kelly, her husband, their four children, and nine chickens currently reside in NYC.

Kely Nascimento: who is she? Many people have inquired about Pele’s daughter as she offers updates on his concerning position.

The legendary Brazilian footballer, revered by many as the best player in history, will spend Christmas in the hospital after his cancer is regrettably spread. He will also need treatment for heart and renal issues.

Pele, 82 years old and had lost his life battling colon cancer since September 2021, was readmitted to the hospital on Tuesday, November 29, so medical professionals may reevaluate his condition. Pele died on December 30.

Since then, his daughter has been updating her official Instagram account.

Kely Nascimento Early life and education:

According to the Nascimento Foundation’s official website, Pele’s eldest daughter serves as its president and “supports and produces projects to attain a global knowledge of peace through sports, storytelling, and the arts as tools that enable diplomacy and development.”

Nascimento, born in Santos, has been a resident of New York since Pele relocated his family in 1975 to finalize a move to the New York Cosmos.

The South American graduated from the Parsons School of Design and has experience as a creative director, producer, editorial, portrait, and social commentary photographer.

Warriors of a Beautiful Game, a documentary by Nascimento on women’s football, racism in Brazil, and the struggle for equality, was reported by the Guardian.

The Real Pele, a video blog she also created during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, revealed her father’s actual character behind the scenes. Later, major television networks throughout the world aired it.

Pele’s daughter is listed as having a working grasp of Spanish and is proficient in French, Portuguese, and English on her LinkedIn profile.

KELY Nascimento-DeLuca Family:

According to Soccer Conference, Nascimento, her husband, and their nine hens reside in New York with their four children.

As Nascimento shares updates on Pele’s condition on her Instagram account, be sure to pay attention to it.

Everyone at HITC sends Pele & his family their warmest wishes during this trying time and will pray that he will fully recover.

King Pelé’s path was distinguished by inspiration and love, and he passed peacefully tonight. On his trip, Edson won over everyone with his sporting prowess, put an end to war, helped people all over the world, and shared what he thought was the solution to all of our problems: love, according to a message on his Instagram account. “Your life’s message will go on for future generations.”

Pelé was a soccer legend and a father of seven children. He had several relationships during his life, some of which ended in romance and others of which gave rise to conflict.

Pelé’s first three marriages occurred with Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi in the late 1960s.

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