Who Is Josh Groban Dating? Significant Details about singer’s life

Josh Groban
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Josh Groban Love Life Revealed

Josh Groban is involved with writer and actor Schuyler Helford; before Helford, Josh has dated multiple celebrities in his early career.

Multi-talented Josh Groban is famous for his singing skills and earned a prominent name as an actor. Broadway alum who has been performing for over 20 years. Josh a Broadway alum who has been performing for over 20 years. While everyone adores his great voice, many people are unaware of Groban’s personal life details. Such as, if Josh Groban is married? Is he still single?

Do not worry; we’ve got the latest information on the charming crooner’s love life, including his current dating status.

But before we proceed, we must discuss who Josh Groban is.

Josh Groban’s early life

On February 27, 1981, the superstar was born into a family of musicians in Los Angeles, California. This celebrity’s parents are Lindy and Jack Groban. His mother is an excellent teacher, and his dad is a successful entrepreneur.

“Josh Groban,” the singer’s debut album, was successful and earned platinum and gold certifications. By October 2015, he had sold nearly 6.1 million copies of his 2nd album, “Closer,” in the United States, after selling 375,000 records within the first week.

The RIAA awarded his third album, “Awake,” a 2x platinum certification in the United States after it sold more than 2.3 million copies by the end of October 2015.

Josh Groban’s Relationship History

Groban has consciously tried to keep his love life out of the spotlight. However, further investigation reveals that the musical prodigy has a star-studded list of ex-girlfriends. Here’s a quick breakdown of Groban’s most prominent romantic partners, along with how they did come to be and what caused them to break up:

January Jones

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A rather unforeseen pair, Groban had a serious relationship with Mad Men celebrity January Jones. They were together since years August 2003 to June 2006. He claimed that both of them had been “madly in love” at the time. They decided to remain on good terms even after their separation.

Katy Perry


This musical couple’s relationship was never officially confirmed. Nonetheless, in early 2009, both artists dropped hints that something was happening between them. Groban stated they had been “very close buddies” when they started attending red carpets together. He later admitted that they “might have started skating just on the line of dating.” Perry revealed to James Corden in 2017 that she did write her song “The One That Got Away” dedicated to Groban. Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much heartbreak left; she claimed they are still great friends.

Who is Josh Groban’s present girlfriend, Schuyler Helford?

According to her website, the 31-year-old actress was raised in Los Angeles and is a self-proclaimed Mr. Bean fan. She’s appeared in, directed, and written for several TV shows and plays, such as #Cybriety and Indorsey. She is most well-known for her roles as Sateen in Anger Management and Chloe in The Middle. While her work history isn’t as impressive as Josh’s, Schuyler has also worked on many projects. She did write for the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase and is a member of the improved team Champagne Brunch, so her background is more diverse than Josh’s.

Who is her father?


Bruce Helford is the father of the multi-talented Schuyler. Many people in the tv industry are familiar with Bruce Helford. He’s a writer and producer for many sitcoms shows, including Anger Management, The Drew Carey Show, George Lopez, and Family Ties, putting the entire Helford family mostly in the TV industry.

Bruce was also involved in the Roseanne revival on ABC, which was cancelled due to Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet storm. After the show got canceled, Bruce worked on the spinoff episodic show The Connors.

The age gap between the two

Josh’s girlfriend is 31, according to sources. In contrast, the actor is 41 years old. As a result, we can conclude that the lovers are ten years apart in age. Despite their significant age difference, the two have a great bond.

According to multiple sources, the couple first met at Tony’s Restaurant in Los Angeles.

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