Who is Jesse Navarro? A 42-year-old Lake Elsinore man is charged with killing a Riverside County deputy by shooting him.

Jesse Navarro
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Who is Jesse Navarro?

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Jesse Navarro, 42, of Lake Elsinore, was the culprit who shot and killed a deputy Friday afternoon in Lakeland Village, according to Riverside County sheriff’s officials.

According to officials, Navarro was still in a hospital and was in severe condition. Around 4:20 on Friday, Deputy Darnell Calhoun responded to a domestic violence incident in the 18000 block of Hilldale Lane. According to the authorities, Navarro shot Calhoun as he approached the house.When a second deputy showed up, they got into a gunfight, which left Navarro with serious injuries.

The 30-year-old Calhoun passed away from his injuries after being taken to Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar. After the department spent almost two decades without an on-the-job fatality from an assault, he was the second deputy to pass away in the line of duty in the previous 16 days.

How Riverside County Sheriff’s was killed?

SAN DIEGO : A guy suspected of killing a Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy in Lake Elsinore on Friday has been recognised by authorities.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputy Darnell Calhoun, 30, was fatally shot while responding to a complaint about domestic violence and child custody in the 18000 block of Hilldale Lane. Jesse Navarro, 42, has been detained by the police as the shooter’s suspect.

Who was Deputy Darnell Calhoun?

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After being transported to a nearby hospital, Calhoun, who began his defense career as a San Diego Law Enforcement officer, was initially given a serious condition listing before passing away, according to FOX 5 affiliate station KTLA.

The suspect “engaged him with gunshots as another deputy arrived,” the department said, noting that the accused was hurt and detained by police. At this moment, the name of the concerned deputy won’t be made public. According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect was taken to a nearby hospital and is now in a serious condition.

How the mishap took place?

Residents of Hilldale Lane, where Calhoun was fatally shot, claimed that on occasion they could hear Navarro and his wife shouting at each other. When the deputies came, Navarro, his wife, and their kids were out in the street, and the kids seemed to be in trouble, according to the locals. They choose not to give their names out of concern for their safety. One of the locals said that his son had seen the shooting. He claimed that after shooting Calhoun, Navarro exited his white pickup truck and fired the officer once again, causing the latter to fall to the ground between some bushes and palm trees.

According to the resident, Navarro came back in his pickup but when the second officer showed up, he got out and shot at that deputy. Navarro was shot at that point. Navarro, according to locals, has been living on the street for a while. One person asserted that Navarro is a construction worker. They would discuss topics that neighbours generally chat about. None of them stated that they were afraid of Navarro.

According to court records, Navarro as well as his wife filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July. They said they shared the Hilldale Lane house with four teens in their filing documents. On Saturday, no one came to the Navarro house to answer the door. Around 4:30 pm on Friday, Lake Elsinore police were called to a domestic argument at 18590 Hilldale Lane. After arriving, Deputy Calhoun was gunned down at some point.

Navarro was taken to a local hospital where he is anticipated to face charges in the killing of Calhoun. There will be a funeral for Calhoun soon. Since late December, two deputies in Riverside County have died from gunshot wounds, including Calhoun.

Geo quick facts Southern California in the United States is home to the county of Riverside. According to Wikipedia, the county had 2,189,641 residents as of the 2010 Census, making it the 10th most populated in the US and the fourth most populous in California.

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