Who Is Jack DuCoeur? Why Does “Half of America” Believe He Is guilty in Idaho Quadruple-Murder?

Jack DuCoeur
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Who Is Jack DuCoeur?

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Kaylee Goncalves, a student at the University of Idaho, was one of the four fatally stabbed in an off-campus home with Chapin, Kernodle, and Mogen in what the authorities described as an “isolated, targeted incident.” Jack DuCoeur seems to be well-known as Kaylee’s ex. She contacted her ex ten times just moments before they were killed. Her mother, though, is adamant that her ex isn’t to blame. Her dog Murphy and he was both spotted in custody.

Why Does ‘Half Of America’ Think Jack DuCoeur Committed Idaho Quadruple-Murder?

22-year-old In the brutal killings of his ex-girlfriend Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and three more University of Idaho students, Jack DuCoeur, was originally thought to be a person of interest. The November homicides have not resulted in any arrests.

Although detectives officially exonerated DuCoeur, internet investigators have continued to promote the hypothesis that he is the murderer by offering several intriguing leads.

Approximately three weeks before the horrific quadruple murder, Goncalves abruptly “broke things off” with DuCoeur after dating her for 5 years.

In the hours preceding the killings, according to information, Goncalves and Madison Mogen, another young girl who perished, made ten calls to  DuCoeur. He didn’t respond, according to the records. It’s unclear why and how the girls tried to get in touch with him.

Later, Moscow, Idaho, police claimed to have “looked into” and “cleared” the phone calls before stating DuCoeur, which is no longer being looked at as a suspect.

At the time, Moscow police posted on Facebook that “Detectives do not anticipate the man Kaylee and Madison sought to call dozens of times on November 13 is involved in this incident.”

Jessica de la Davies, the host of the “Reporter Room” YouTube channel, cited several “red flags” regarding DuCoeur’s involvement in the case, including the fact that Goncalves had recently ended their long-term relationship and that the dog the couple had purchased together failed to detect an intruder and was unharmed during the massacre.

Davies remarked, “we all know the most hazardous period for a woman is while she is trying to leave,” after noting Goncalves’ relocation plans.

On November 13,  Xana Kernodle, 20, Goncalves, Mogen, 21, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were discovered dead from stab wounds inside the shared Moscow, Idaho, home.

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For the first time since the horrific murders, DuCoeur’s aunt Brooke Miller stepped out, stating that her nephew is “surrounded by family and friends” as he mourns Goncalves’ death.

“Half of America” believes he could “be guilty” for the horrific deaths, according to Miller. He has also lost the love of his life, who we all believed and who he likely believed would be his life partner — you know, get married and have children and all of that.

According to the aunt, who would merely add that Goncalves “was planned on going away” and that their breakup was “amicable,” “Obviously he was unhappy, however they were still friends.”

His aunt said, “We all know, beyond a doubt, that Jack would never do something like that to anybody.

Du Coeur studies mechanical engineering at the same institution.

Requests for comments from the Goncalves family were rejected.

Does Jack DuCoeur have a white Hyundai Elantra in the Idaho slayings? The web detective believes he has located a vehicle.

The horrifying murders of 4 students at Idaho University on November 13 remain unsolved, according to Moscow police. Just a month after the killings, digital sleuths began churning out odd, unsubstantiated accusations one after the other.

The white Hyundai Elantra is a “vehicle of interest” in the inquiry, and authorities have recently requested the public to provide information about it because it was in “near proximity” to the house where the four students were fatally stabbed. In search of a lucky break to locate the automobile and solve the case, the officers and FBI review street footage from all over the town.

One web investigator recently came up with a fresh notion regarding a white car seen driving close to Jack DuCoer’s home. This rumor, however, has not been confirmed by any authoritative sources and could not even be true. The tweeter stated, “Screen captures from a video that was apparently taken from the roof of Jack DuCoeur’s home. On foot, it appears to take less than 20 seconds to go from this residence to the murder house. His home had a direct view of the murder victim’s home.” Next, the user inquired: “Look at the vehicle. Does anyone recognise the kind of car this is?”

While “an army of analysts” comb through hours of Surveillance video from all across the town, cops are conducting their investigation with the assistance of the FBI. Web detectives have also received a warning from Moscow police, who said that any misleading news or libelous claims about anyone associated with the investigation would culminate in police intervention.

Police have a difficult task on their hands, especially given the mounting pressure from the families of the victims and the general public, as various options have been ruled out while no arrests have been made thus far. Just two of the roommates managed to flee the bloodbath. A few hours later, when Dylan Mortensen & Bethany Funke allegedly woke up, they found the bodies and dialed 911. As stated by the Idaho Police Department, they are not suspects.

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