Who is Katarina Elizabeth, the girlfriend of Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer?

Vikings Head Coach
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Who is Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend?

According to multiple sources, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is dating 38-year-old model Katarina Elizabeth.

Mike Zimmer is having an exciting season as the Minnesota Vikings’ head coach. The Vikings seem to win close games every week, and they just won another one on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

According to the latest reports about the 65-year-old coach’s dating life, Zimmer has much to be excited about in his personal life. Several reports have confirmed Zimmer’s relationship with supermodel Katarina, who is the December cover model for Maxim Australia.

The couple’s relationship has been rumored for years and was finally made public this week. Photos of them together have also been circulated on social media and in other news outlets. After the photos were released, fans were eager to learn more about their relationship. Elizabeth was contacted on Instagram by Egotastic Sports to confirm her relationship with Zimmer. She responded with a resounding ‘Yes.’

In 2018, the supermodel also shared a photo of herself wearing a Vikings jersey.

Who is Katarina Elizabeth, Mike Zimmer’s model girlfriend?

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Katarina has nearly 426k Instagram followers. According to her profile, the 40-year-old has appeared in Maxim twice and Sports Illustrated once. Elizabeth revealed in an interview with Maxim that she relocated to the United States with her parents when she was a child from Yugoslavia, which is now known as Serbia. Katarina Elizabeth, the supermodel who reportedly holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, served as president of The National Honour Society for Psychology and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2015.

Along with modelling, she has briefly achieved high-level positions at several major financial institutions. She was reported to have said:

“I worked in banking for a while but realized it wasn’t a good fit for me and my satisfaction, so I quit and bought a bike shop — my latest and most exciting venture! Trying to balance being a mother, a company owner, staying fit, and being an influencer is difficult, but I’ve realized that by eliminating certain things, I can accomplish a lot.”

Despite being a fashion model, businesswoman, mother, and social media celebrity with nearly 424k Instagram followers, Elizabeth was constantly subjected to disparaging remarks regarding her love life, interests, and physique. She stated: “People will say hurtful things and pass judgment on you right away.” I’ve also discovered that it takes a lot of work for men to date an Influencer. I removed myself from Instagram for two years because of the bullying and its impact on my dating life. People were constantly bullying me, and I began to believe what they said. I needed to reset my priorities, but I also wanted to date and find a committed relationship.

Mike Zimmer’s wife’s name?

Before dating Elizabeth, Mike was married to Vikki Zimmer, who sadly passed away on October 8, 2009. According to reports, the couple had been wedded for 27 years, and Vikki was 50 years old when she died. When he was with the Cincinnati Bengals, Zimmer told ESPN that his wife was the “sweetest, kindest, most caring person who’d never say a bad word about anybody.”

After her death, Zimmer delivered a heartfelt speech to the players, who went on to defeat the Baltimore Ravens just three days later. Zimmer and Vikki have three children: Adam, Marki, and Corri. Vikki was also said to be popular among the players.

Mike Zimmer’s Vikings challenge for 2021 NFL playoffs

In Zimmer’s professional life, the Vikings are now 5-5 with back-to-back victories. He entered the season with his job in jeopardy, having been in town since 2014 and only taking the Vikings to the playoffs three times.

Zimmer & Kirk Cousins have eventually found some chemistry, and it’s creating a lot of buzzes. Still, it is a surprise that Zimmer leaves the office and returns home to his supermodel girlfriend. NFL coaches are notorious for throwing curve balls, which needs to be the biggest of the 2021 season.

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