Who is Don Lemon’s wife? Everything you need to know about her 

Don Lemon Wife
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How Tim Malone becomes a Perfect Match for the CNN Anchor

Don Lemon is an American TV journalist best known as the host of CNN Tonight. Don Lemon Tonight, which airs on weeknights, is hosted by Lemon.

The anchor is open about his se*ual preference, so rumors about his first wife surprised fans. What about Don Lemon’s 1st wife?

There were several rumors about a decade ago that the famous TV anchor had married an American actress Stephanie Ortiz. The news of a secret wedding celebration shook the world. However, everything must still be confirmed. When Don Lemon revealed himself in his book Transparent, the speculations about the husband and wife died and were eventually forgotten.

Fans cannot tell if the newscaster and the film star were ever married or engaged because there is no way to verify the wedding misinformation. They are, however, still interested in Ortiz. What is her name? Why would there be rumors about her and Don Lemon getting married?

Who is Don Lemon’s wife? 

Stephanie Ortiz is speculated to have been his first wife. So, who exactly is Stephanie Ortiz? She is a model turned actress best known for her roles in A Kiss of Chaos (2009), The Love Potion (2010), and The Grasslands (2012). (2011). The artist keeps her personal information private and does not use social media. The actress and the TV anchor were alleged to have married. This rumor, however, has never been verified to be accurate.

Stephanie Ortiz was born on July 17, 1982, in California, United States. She had an older brother and was mostly raised by their mother. Ortiz developed an interest in acting at an early age and started getting classes to start preparing. She rose to prominence after appearing in tv ads for brand products such as Levi’s and Dr. Pepper.

Is Don Lemon’s marriage with Stephanie Ortiz true?

No, the duo never got married. Stephanie Ortiz is actually married to Bryan Ortiz. Whereas the source of the false marriage rumor has yet to be determined, the news has sparked numerous debates because Don is open regarding his se*ual orientation.

Rumors of a relationship between Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin

Is Brooke Baldwin married to Don Lemon? No, he has never married the fellow news anchor, either. Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin have never been in a romantic relationship. However, since 2014, the two have been co-hosting New Year’s Eve Special.

The truth behind Don’s Engagement with Tim Malone 

All of the rumors about Lemon’s romantic life have piqued fans’ interest in learning who he is married to. While the anchor has not yet married, he has been engaged to Tim Malone since 2019. Although no official wedding date has been announced, fans remain hopeful.

The newscaster Don and the New York real estate agent Tim met in a Hamptons hot spot in 2015. They began dating that year and went Instagram official in 2017. The Hollywood TV personality and his future husband stunned the world with a public display of affection when they kissed live on CNN on New Year’s Eve.

When did Don-Melone get engaged?

Malone proposed to the TV personality on April 6th, with the help of their two dogs, Boomer and Barkley. Lemon agreed. While Lemon and Malone recognize that they appear to be an implausible match in a journal article, they refuse to let their age, personal history, and racial disparities hinder the pursuit of their love.

Transparent, his memoir published in 2011, revealed his se*ual orientation.

For years, Lemon has been open and proud, living his truth. With the publication of his memoir, Transparent, in 2011, he revealed his se*uality to the world.

Lemon told the New York Times ahead of the publication of his memoir that he originally planned to write an inspirational book. Instead, he changed his message and published his memoir.

“It was meant to be just a little pamphlet,” Lemon explained. “You know, say your prayers, give your boss a firm handshake, and say good morning.”

However, as he began to write, he couldn’t help but reflect on how certain life experiences had molded him as an adult. Editorial staff gave him the option of moving forward and making those factual information public knowledge.

“I said no, leave it as I started reading it back,” he said. “I despise hypocrisy. I believe that if you’re going to be in the news business, telling people the truth, and attempting to shed some light in dark places, you must be honest. You must apply the same rules to yourself that you do to others.”

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