Who is Desmond Bane’s Girlfriend? All Relationship details of Desmond Bane.

Desmond Bane's Girlfriend

Hey all, If you follow basketball and are an NBA fan, then you must have known the Memphis Grizzler’s popular shooting guard Desmond Bane. He is considered to be one of the hottest basketballers in NBA history. This American footballer is currently having a fantastic professional and personal career. From a college career to pro-NBA career, this 24-year-old basketball player has exciting things to know and to be followed by fans. This article discusses Bane’s stats, girlfriend, net worth, and other facts. Is he currently dating anyone? Or He is single. Well, read this article and find out for yourself.

Let’s travel to Desmond Bane college and Early life.

Desmond Bane college and early life

Desmond Michael bane is an American basketball player born in Richmond, U.S., on June 25, 1998. He started living with his great-grand parent’s family at the age of two, as his mother and sister couldn’t take care of him properly. He played baseball and soccer at a young age, and his great-grandfather trained him in baseball. He found his father living in Nigeria but still, he focused on his game. Bane went to Seton catholic high school, where he started playing basketball for his third-grade coach Josh Jurgens. At the senior level, Bane achieved many state records. He made a record of scoring 62 points against Lincoln Senior high school. He was given the MVP award for this record. Later in 2016, Bane was committed to playing for TCU.

Here are some great facts about Desmond Bane’s stats and Contracts

Desmond Bane stats and contracts

After a massive kickstart in his college basketball career, Bane shined in every tournament he played. He made 16 points for TCU to defeat the champion team Kansas. In 2020, Bane played a significant role in defeating the team Baylor which was ranked second in the league, which paved the way for his professional career. In 2020, Boston Celtics selected Desmond Bane for their team to play for NBA. Later in Nov 2020, Bane was traded to Memphis Grizzlies as inside trade. In 2022 Bane made a Memphis Grizzlies career record for three-pointers in a single season, beating Mike Miller’s previous 2007 record. On October 24, 2002, in the match against the Brooklyn Nets team, Bane set his career high points of 38 points and won the game for Memphis Grizzlies with 134-124 on the scoreboard.

Everything about Desmond Bane Girlfriend and relationship status

Desmond Bane Girlfriend and relationship status

The Hot topic in the NBA world is that Desmond Bane will be a dad soon. Yes, you read it right. Desmond Bane has been dating Tatum Talley for a while. Tatum Talley is a self-made Tik Tok star and yoga instructor from Texas. The story started when Desmond Bane played college basketball at Texas Christian University. There was speculation and talks about where the couple first met, but there is no solid evidence to support the claims. It is unknown when they started dating and where they met. This might be because Bane wanted to keep the relationship a secret. Surprisingly, in 2021 Tatum shared a photo of the two of them together. Finally, in 2022, the Memphis Guardian also revealed his girlfriend. Unsurprisingly for many social media-savvy people, it was Tatum Talley.

Details of Desmond Bane height and Instagram

Desmond Bane height and instagram

The star NBA basketballer is 6ft 5in (198 cm) in height and has a weight of 215 lbs (98 kg), making him one of the super basketball players in the NBA league. He was ranked 8th in the POS rank list. He played 151 games in his career and had 14.5 points in total. Bane’s Instagram details are as follows: he is available on Instagram with the username on @_dbane1. With 178k followers worldwide, he has posted 50 pictures so far. Desmond Bane is also available on Twitter. This is all you need to know about Desmond Bane. Please stay connected with us for more such articles about your favorite player.


1. Who is Desmond Bane?

A: He is NBA basketball player

2. which team Desmond Bane plays for?

A: he plays for Memphis Grizzlies

3. What is the height of Desmond Bane?

A: 6 Ft 5 inches

4. Who is Desmond Bane’s girlfriend?

A: Tatum Talley

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