Chloe Ferry addresses rumors she’s reunited with ex-boyfriend amid marriage plans.

Chloe Ferr
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Chloe Ferry responds to rumors that she has reconnected with an ex-boyfriend amid marriage plans.

After being seen partying with her ‘cheating’ ex recently, sources close to her said Chloe Ferry boyfriend & she had reconciled!

However, in an interview with the Mirror, the Geordie Shore star clarifies her love life.

Chloe Ferry has opened up about her love life as she enhances her business empire.

 The star, who partied with old Geordie Shore pals in Germany on Tuesday, separated from boyfriend Johnny Wilbo earlier this year. However, rumors of a reunification circulated last month after the former couple was spotted partying together.

In an exclusive interview with the Mirror about her various business ventures, Chloe concedes she’s looking for a husband as she ages and clears the rumors about her relationship status.

After breaking up with Johnny in September of this year and accusing him of texting random girls behind her back, Chloe surprised fans by being spotted on a night out with him just weeks later.

“Ex-Sam Gowland really affected her; she found it difficult to trust anyone again,” a source close to Chloe told The Sun last month. “But after being with Johnny and trusting him, which was eventually betrayed – it’s broken her.”

They also stated: “She doesn’t want anyone to know, but these are baby steps. Although she loves him, she is trying to restrain herself and take it slowly.” 

But, according to Chloe, this is not the case.

“I’m going to get older; I want to start finding a partner and stuff,” Chloe said earlier this morning as she discussed her decision to forego cosmetic surgery.

As the media ask the star if she’s reunited with her ex because she confesses, she’s pondering about getting married in the future.

“We were at the same event, and the person hosting the event is a mutual friend,” Chloe explains. “Me and he are really good friends,” she continues.

We’ve both agreed to it. “Perceptibly, I’m not over it, but after everything that happened in my previous relationships, I wouldn’t do it again.”

Chloe is single but isn’t dating now because she focuses on “discovering herself at the moment.” Chloe may not be in any relationship with a guy, but she is in a serious relationship with her four successful businesses.

Chloe’s hands are full these days, thanks to her four businesses, which she enjoys. She says, “I enjoy being occupied with work; the best thing for me to have a daily schedule,” the entrepreneur declares from one of her locations.

Chloe Ferry has revealed everything about her love life and how she has built her business empire.

She separated from Johnny in September 2022, accusing him of messaging other girls.

The businesswoman was dating one of her Geordie Shore co-stars.

She accepts that she’s thinking about marriage, following the question if there is any chance of getting reunited with her ex, Johnny Wilbo.

“We were at the same event, and our mutual friend had organized it, so they invited us both. ” Chloe explains.

Chloe is quite busy managing her multiple businesses.

However, she states,  ‘I’ve felt sad every day since retiring, and my marriage is really struggling.’

“I feel like losing myself a little while being in a relationship, so I’m just trying to find my inner-self again,” the former Celebrity Big Brother star pondered during our chat. “I just need to focus on myself again.”

The reality TV star is the owner of Ferry Body, CM House of Aesthetics, Chloe Ferry Cosmetics and CM House of Training, which can master aspiring beauticians with Arts like brows, lamination and lash lifts.

“I enjoy being active and have always enjoyed being busy. I’d rather attempt and fail than not try at all.”

Chloe expresses her pride in achieving so much despite having dyslexia, mentioning how she has assisted with certain aspects of running her businesses, such as doing her taxes.

 Talking about her businesses, she explains how she built her empire from nothing. Without money, no GCSEs. However, she has done it.

She also says She is witty in different ways. She thinks dyslexia made her clever differently. 

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