Who is Charlie Puth Dating Now? all about Charlie Puth’s girlfriend in 2022

Charlie Puth

30-year-old American pop singer Charlie Puth always remains in his position to be on the top of the page3.

American pop singer Charlie Puth was born in Rumson, New Jersey, on 2nd December 1991. He is a popular singer as well as a songwriter.

He has been famous because of posting original cover songs on his popular YouTube Channel, Charlie’s vlogs. Pop-singer is again in the front because of his dating life.

Who is Charlie Puth currently dating?

Halston Sage is Charlie Puth’s current girlfriend. The romantic duo started dating in 2018 and have been together now for around more than 4 years. It has spread rumors as the couples are Sagittarius and Taurus, the most compatible zodiac sign; they are still together. Prior to Sage, Puth had 3 relationships; however, those relationships were only for the short run and ended up without being noticed by anyone.

Who is Halston Sage?

Charlie’s girlfriend, Halston Sage, was born on 10th May 1993 in Los Angeles, California. She is currently 29 years old. Halston is popular among the people as a tv actress. 

Before Halston, rumours about Puth dating Sansone spread as Sansone shared a video of their quality time spent together in her TikTok.

Sansone, the food & lifestyle vlogger, uploaded a compilation clip of her daily life. That video showed that both of them and their family were having a get-together. 

However, the video needed to provide more to give clarity on their love life. Being together suggests that both families are known to each other, and Charlie-Sanson is just a good friend.

However, the video needed to provide more to give clarity on their love life. Being together suggests that both families are known to each other, and Charlie-Sanson is just a good friend.

Charlie reveals being in a relationship.

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer publicized his relationship status. 

When Stern asked Charlie whether he was single or in a relationship, the pop singer replied that he was with somebody. Further, he cleared that he is in love as he is in a serious relationship. 

Despite the acceptance of being in a relationship, Puth has not revealed the name and hid the identification of the love of his life. 

However, to keep people assuming, Charlie stated that the girl is his childhood friend with whom he grew up. 

It seems that the singer is serious about his relationship as he notices and admires every detail of his girl. 

What are Charlie’s thoughts about being in a relationship?

Charlie had broken up with previous girls. Yet he feels scared of separation and can’t just walk away from a relationship despite the weird reasons. 

The singer said even if he proposed to the girl, he would be doing it privately and make it possible by keeping it secret from the media.

Ultimately, it still needs to be clarified with whom the pop singer is currently dating. 

Charlie shows his gratitude for having someone by his side in all his good and bad situations. 

There is a possibility of his girlfriend’s appearance at the opening show of his 12- date One Night Only Tour this Sunday at Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank, New Jersey. It is to support Charlie’s third self-titled album.

Previously, Charlie gave a confirmed declaration that he was dating Charlotte Lawrence. However, the couple broke up badly, and it inspired Puth for the song That’s Hilarious. Puth accepts his short-term date with Grammy Nominee Selena Gomez.

It started with their duet in the 2016 album. We don’t talk anymore. Charlie’s publically kiss with Meghan Trainor on stage during the 2015 American Music award is also very popular, making the singer reflect at the top of the page3.

However, Kissing Publically was nothing but just a publicity stunt, and both of them were friends, the singer later revealed. Except for ‌the above-mentioned names, Prithika Swarup and Madison Reed were also the names who are rumoured to be in a short-term relationship with Puth.

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