Who is Arianna Rapaccioni Mihajlovic? Wife of Sinisa Mihajlovic know everything

Arianna Rapaccioni Mihajlovic
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Who is Sinisa Mihajlovic wife, Arianna Rapaccioni Mihajlovic? 

Due to declining health, Arianna Rapaccioni’s husband, Sinisa Mihajlovic, died today in the Roman health centre; he was admitted before few days.

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Like the previous 27 years of his life, his wife. 

Former Italian showgirl turned Serbian professional football supervisor and player Arianna Rapaccioni, who played as a defensive midfielder or midfielder for Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2003, earned 63 caps and scored 10 goals, is the wife of Sinisa Mihajlovic. Former Lazio and Inter Milan striker Arianna Rapaccioni is well-known for her contribution to sports.

Arianna Rapaccioni & Farewell to Her TV Career She was born in Rome and made her television debut at a young age. But as Arianna acknowledged, her time as a showgirl was short-lived due to her love for the former coach. She started working in the 1990s after several appearances on the Fabrizio Frizzi-hosted program “Luna Park.”

She first met Miha while serving as an inmate in a restaurant in the capital. “Sinisa arrived and ended my career; in the middle of the year, I left Luna Park… We got hitched in 1996 after I met him in 1995. We looked at one another and immediately fell in love, he said. She gave Domenica In the woman a while back.

After more than 25 years of marriage and five children, the former Bologna coach has also attested to the strength of their relationship. “After more than 25 decades of marriage & five children, I recognize that I owe her everything: if she hadn’t been by my side during my struggle against leukemia I couldn’t have done it,” he confided in 2020 following the publication of his autobiography “The Game of Life.” “I did not even touch my wife once during the first month I was married. I wanted her to know that I loved her and wasn’t just with her for sexual purposes,” she says. For 26 years, Arianna Rapaccioni and Sinisa Mihajlovic have been married “double.”

The couple got married in 1996, and an Orthodox ceremony was held in 2005 to commemorate the union. They reaffirmed their vows as they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in 2021, with a third celebration in a church in Sardinia. They had five children together: Viktorija and Virginia, Miroslav, Dushan, and Nicholas (who made headlines for competing in the 2019 edition of the Island of the Famous).

Virginia made them the grandparents of a young girl named Violante a little more than a year ago. Sinisa had collapsed upon hearing the pregnancy news, and upon hearing the news, she cried joyfully once more, asking, “Are you kidding? She said, “I want to cry,” in a social media video that affected her followers.

Always follow in both happiness and misery. For the past three years, a relentless evil has caused me great joy and unbearable pain. Today, Arianna Rapaccioni loses her husband, best friend, and lifelong love.

Sinia Mihajlovi, the deceased husband of Arianna Rapaccio, is no longer a part of this world. Sinia Mihajlovi passed away on December 16, 2022, in Rome, Italy, at the age of 53 from complications related to her leukemia, which she had been experiencing in the Rome clinic.

How did Siniša Mihajlović died?


Sinisa Mihajlovi was identified with an acute form of leukemia in 2019 while still serving as the manager of Bologna. He later underwent a bone marrow transplant after three rounds of chemotherapy. Still, he was unable to recover, and on December 16, 2022, in a Rome clinic due to complications from leukemia, he passed away. His family and fans paid their respects to him at his funeral.

Arianna Rapaccioni Mihajlovic’s occupation

After getting married, Arianna Rapaccioni decided to give up her television career to care for her family. She began her career as a showgirl or tv host in the 1990s and worked on shows like Luna Park and Sampdoria.

Arianna Rapaccioni was a talented professional dancer who won numerous dance competitions. Arianna Rapaccioni is a model and former television presenter from Italy. She also represents many well-known brands as a brand ambassador.

Actress Arianna Rapaccioni has appeared in numerous well-known commercials. Being the wife of Sinia Mihajlovi and the mother of Virginia Mihajlovi has made Arianna Rapaccioni well known. Currently operating several businesses in Italy, Arianna Rapaccioni works as a businesswoman.

Ingrid Rapaccioni’s early life

Arianna Rapaccioni’s birthday comes on November 10, 1971, in Rome, Italy, and she is now 51 years old, according to her social media accounts. Arianna Rapaccioni has Italian ethnicity and descends from Italian because she has had Italian nationality since birth.

In addition to being a model, social media influencer, and businesswoman, Arianna Rapaccioni also presents television shows. In addition to having more than 114K Instagram followers, Arianna Rapaccioni has also been highlighted in several magazines.

Instagram username: ariannamihajlovic

Arianna Rapaccioni Mihajlovic Children and a husband

A 51-year-old female with Five children mother, Arianna Rapaccioni, is an excellent wife and mother. Sinisa Mihajlovic, a former football player and current Serbian football manager, and Arianna Rapaccioni wed in 1995.

Only Arianna Rapaccioni and Sinisa Mihajlovic first met in 1995; they later began dating after becoming attracted to one another. Later, they decided to get married, and during their marriage, the three sons and two daughters gave birth to five children.

Their sons’ names are Miroslav, Dushan, and Nicholas, and their daughters’ names are Victoria and Virginia. Arianna Rapaccioni is the grandmother of Violante, Virginia’s daughter.

Arianna Rapaccioni Mihajlovic Physical Appearance

Because she has experience as a model, dancer, TV personality, and winner of beauty pageants, Arianna Rapaccioni has an extremely attractive and athletic personality. Like her, Arianna Rapaccioni’s daughter is also gorgeous. Many people claim that Arianna Rapaccioni is still stunning today. Arianna Rapaccioni is 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs 60 kilograms, and has stunning blonde hair and Hazel eyes.

Family details

Arianna Rapaccioni had been raised alongside her brothers and sisters, Emilia Rapaccioni and other siblings, in a town in Rome, Italy, where she was born. The parents of Arianna Rapaccioni always supported their daughter’s interest in the entertainment industry, and she began her professional career as a dancer before being given a chance to host a dance competition.

Former Italian dancer, TV host, show host, and model Arianna Rapaccioni. She now owns a significant amount of her husband’s wealth and her own. Rome is home to many properties owned by Arianna Rapaccioni. Her estimated net worth of Arianna is $1 million (£820,000), which includes her husband’s wealth and net worth.

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