Who are parents of Bret Weinstein? Know details of American podcaster, author, and former professor of evolutionary biology.

Bret Weinstein
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Bret is an author, podcaster, and former evolutionary biology lecturer from the United States. Between 2002 and 2007, Weinstein taught at Evergreen State College. After several campus demonstrations over Evergreen’s lack of racial justice, which made Weinstein a household name, Weinstein announced his resignation.

He is regarded as a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, along with his brother Eric Weinstein. He has drawn criticism for making untrue claims about the Covid-19 vaccination and treatments.

Bret was born in the United States on February 21, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. As of 2022, he is 53 years old. Bret Samuel Weinstein is his complete name. Pisces is his horoscope sign. At Pennsylvania University, he began his undergraduate studies. To the University of California, Santa Cruz, he made a transfer. In 1993, he earned his undergraduate biology degree. He later graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD in evolutionary biology in 2009.

Who is Bret Weinstein’s wife, Heather Heying?


Bret Samuel Weinstein, born on February 21, 1969, is an American author, podcaster, and former evolutionary biology lecturer. He was a member of the Evergreen State College faculty from 2002 until 2017 when he resigned in the wake of numerous campus demonstrations against racial fairness that made Weinstein a household name. He is regarded as a member of the dark academic web and his sibling Eric Weinstein.

Weinstein has come under fire for misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccinations and therapies.

Education & Career

Weinstein, originally from Southern California, started his college studies there. He denounced the sexual harassment of dancers at a Zeta Beta Tau fraternity party in a letter he sent as a freshman to the school newspaper. He transferred to the University of California, Santa Cruz, after encountering persecution due to the letter, where he fell in love with Heather Heying and earned his undergraduate biology degree in 1993. The University of Michigan awarded Weinstein a PhD in evolutionary biology in 2009.

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In 2012, Weinstein delivered a TEDx lecture at Evergreen State College.

Weinstein taught biology at Washington State’s Evergreen State College from 2007 to 2017. He co-wrote an essay in 2002 called “The Reserve-Capacity Hypothesis,” which put out the theory that the telomeric variations between people and laboratory mice have caused scientists to overestimate the dangers new medications offer to people in the form of cardiovascular disease, liver dysfunction, and related function failure.

The first is a strong awakening of consciousness, which is fatal to the oppressive system’s reasoning. A second is an act of tyranny in and of itself and a display of force. Bret Weinstein sent Rashida Love, the event’s organizer, a message.

The event organisers replied that participation was entirely up to the individual and that the program did not suggest that all white citizens should disperse. Racial tensions were reportedly boiling at Evergreen across 2017, according to The Washington Post.

Student demonstrations in May 2017 caused campus disruption and demanded several adjustments to the college. The demonstrations, which included claims of racism, bigotry, and threats, brought Evergreen national attention and generated additional discussion about free communication on college campuses.

During the demonstrations, protestors broke up one of Weinstein’s seminars (which he had taught in a public park) by barging in and confronting him. They yelled accusations of racism at him and demanded his resignation. The Chief of School Police recommended Weinstein temporarily leave campus for his safety.

In a lawsuit against the university, Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, claimed that the college’s president had neglected to request campus police to end student protests. Additionally, according to Weinstein, college police advised him to avoid campus and informed him they could not guarantee his safety. Instead, Weinstein taught a biology lesson in a city park that day.

After requesting $3.8 million in damages, a deal was reached in September 2017 in which Weinstein and Heying received $250,000 apiece and resigned.

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He frequently made appearances on the podcasts of Sam Harris & Joe Rogan after leaving Evergreen. He moderated two discussions between Harris with Jordan Peterson. He made an appearance in the Evergreen incident documentary No Safe Spaces. Eric Weinstein, who created the phrase “intellectual dark web,” identified Bret as a participant. A collection of academics and media figures who publish and engage in discussion outside of the mainstream media are referred to by this term. In June 2019, Weinstein launched the DarkHorse Podcast on his YouTube account.

His wife, Heather, typically co-hosts the show. Andy Ngo was their first visit, and they also had Coleman Hughes, Glenn Loury, Douglas Murray, Sam Harris, John Wood Jr., and Thomas Chatterton Williams as guests. The podcast frequently covers current affairs, science, and culture.

Weinstein was a James Madison Program Visiting Fellow at Princeton University for 2019–2020 and 2020–21.
A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century by Weinstein and Heying was published in 2021. The book made it to the No. 3 spot for combined print and e-book nonfiction and the No. 4 spot for hardcover nonfiction on the October 3, 2021, New York Times Best Seller list.

A dagger appeared next to the hardback listing, indicating that some sellers had claimed to have received large orders. The authors “lazily repeat incorrect information from previous pop-science publications,” psychologist Stuart J. Ritchie noted in his review for The Guardian, and an obnoxious, know-it-all attitude generally characterizes the book.

Personality and opinions

Heather Heying, an integrative scientist who formerly worked at Evergreen, is the wife of Weinstein. Along with Weinstein, Heying left the college and adopted a similar stance during the Day of Absence dispute. Weinstein identifies as a left-libertarian, liberal, and progressive politician. On May 22, 2018, he spoke before the U.S. House Oversight Committee about free speech on college campuses.

He unveiled Unity 2020 in 2020, a scheme to nominate two qualified candidates for the future U.S. presidential elections, each affiliated with one of the two major political parties, to serve as a team in government.


Ivermectin during the COVID-19 pandemic and false information about COVID-19, Weinstein made multiple public appearances during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting the use of the antiparasitic medication ivermectin to prevent or treat the illness and downplaying the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccines.

According to David Gorski in Science-Based Medicine, citing his appearances on Joe Rogan and Bill Maher, Weinstein is a well-known “COVID-19 contrarian and spreader of deception” and “one of the premier purveyors of COVID-19 disinformation.” Sam Harris called Weinstein’s campaign “dangerous” and criticized it. Professor of molecular biology Eric Topol characterized Weinstein’s stance on mRNA vaccines as “absolute irresponsibility It is careless. It is ill. It is predacious. It is very sad.”

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