Who are Doria Ragland Parents? Does she have siblings? Facts You Need to Know

Doria Ragland
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Does Meghan Markle (Duchess of Susse*)’s mother have any brothers or sisters? Who are her parents?

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People have been asking many questions for 61 years old Raglang after she was the only one in her family who went to the royal wedding alone.

Doria Ragland is a divorcee. She was married to Thomas Markle Sr., a lighting director. In 1987, this couple separated.

Meghan’s mother was the only member of Meghan’s family among the 600 guests. Thomas Markle, her father, was invited but declined due to a staged photo controversy and heart surgery. The official wedding picture released by Kensington Palace emphasized Meghan’s fewer family members; Prince William stood beside Doria Ragland to render the absence less noticeable.

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Doria Ragland has 3 half-siblings, but her mom and dad are both long dead. Doria does have an alive step-grandmother her age. She appears at the top of this article with her son, Doria’s half-brother. Meghan would be her parents’ only child though she has half sisters and half brothers on her father’s side, which might explain why there were so few close family members at the wedding. After all, the fact that only some members of Meghan’s father’s family have publicly slammed her has almost certainly resulted in the lack of invites. However, only one of Doria’s 3 half-siblings shows up to have talked to the press about Meghan. He said nice things about her.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Doria’s father worked as an antique dealer who died after falling over a dog leash.

Doria’s parents are originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ragland’s father was Alvin Azell. “In the 1930s, Alvin Ragland was born in Chattanooga. WRCB-TV reports that Alvin’s family and parents resided on Terrace Street and Maple Court.

Doria had been born in Ohio & raised in California, as reported by The Sun, despite the family’s long-standing connections to Chattanooga. “The 61-year-old had been born in Ohio to a nurse & antique dealer. “The family later relocated to Los Angeles, in which Doria did attend Fairfax High School,” according to the Sun.

“Alvin Ragland is Markle’s maternal grandfather,” according to the Times Free Press. According to the Chattanooga 1930 Census, he was born around 1930. He started working as a porter in  a hotel town center when he was 14.”

According to The Free-Press, “Alvin Ragland eventually moved to Los Angeles, where he died March 12, 2011, at age 82.” Daily Mail reported that Alvin died after tripping on a dog’s leash outside Meghan’s mother’s home. Old friends described him to Daily Mail as a “hardworking Los Angeles antique dealer who used to travel far and wide to flea markets in a ‘beat up car packed with junk” and once owned his antique store. He was described in Daily Mail as charming and nice, although a bit naughty.

Tom, Meghan’s father, is Dutch-Irish.

  • Alvin Ragland has two marriages, and Doria does have three half-siblings.

Doria’s mother, Jeannette Johnson, worked as a secretary in an insurance company. She was Alvin Ragland’s first wife and passed away in 2000 at 71. Ava Burrow Ragland was Alvin’s second wife. She was a preschool teacher in Hamilton County schools at Norman Park & Woodmore Elementary from 1991 to 1993, according to WRCB. According to the Daily Mail, Ava was 29 & Alvin was 53 when they married.

Ava Burrow’s Facebook page states that she is a teacher at Morongo Band of Mission Indians and studied Art & Education at UCI/MSU; further, he was born in Los Angeles.

UK Daily Mail appointed Elizabeth Banks, a genealogist, to conduct a thorough investigation into Meghan’s family history, and discovered that her maternal side also is mixed race. According to the British news site, Ava Burrow “is still alive” and “worked for Hamilton County Schools in Tennessee before moving to California.”

Doria Ragland has 3 siblings, according to Sky News: a half-brother who is Joseph Johnson, a sister whose name is Saundra Johnson, as well as a half-brother named Alvin Joffrey Ragland, the son of Ava Burrow & Alvin Ragland Sr.

Jeannette, with her first husband, Joseph, has two children, Joseph Johnson & Saundra Johnson. Jeannette had two divorces.

“Unless our open invite got stranded in the mail,” Joseph Johnson, 68, said to the Daily Mail. Saundra Johnson did not respond.

According to Joseph Johnson, who spoke with the Daily Mail, Meghan was a maid of honor at her aunt Saundra’s wedding. “She has always been a special child, so happy,” Joseph Johnson told the BBC. “It was clear from the start that she had a special and possessed a magical charm about her. She always seemed to be in a good mood.” The Daily Mail published a slew of family photos along with the interview with Joseph Johnson.

Because there weren’t any men in the picture, Meghan has been raised in a house of strong women,” Joseph Johnson told the Daily Mail. Meghan has cousins in her mom’s part of the family as well.

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