Warsaw Mayor Appeals for International Help, As 95% of Ukrainians Flee to Seek Refuge

Ukrainian boy inside the train
Ukrainian little boy inside the Warsaw's train

The Warsaw mayor in Poland has appealed for international assistance as the city is besieged by refugees fleeing the Ukraine crisis. The city’s train stations have become busy centers where people are camping out on floors to wait out the battle.

Warsaw mayor’s appeal for help

Warsaw has extended a warm welcome to Ukrainians who are fleeing the Russian assault. Help has come from all corners of the city. Donations and volunteer work at reception centers are all part of their outreach to the Ukrainian community. Ukraine’s blue-and-yellow flag is displayed on city landmarks and public transportation.

Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski said that they’re dealing with Europe’s worst migrant problem since World War II. Day by day, the situation becomes more precarious for everyone involved.

As reported by MSN, the task at hand that Warsaw is facing right now is immense. Volunteers are currently shouldering the majority of the burden, which is not sustainable in the long term. During a Friday press conference, Trzaskowski observed that child psychologists, for example, had been working with refugees but will soon have to go back to their jobs.

Housing is an increasing issue. During the war, 95% of Ukrainians arriving in Warsaw were welcomed by friends or relatives. According to the mayor, 70% of new arrivals need a roof over their heads and other assistance. The city’s ability to absorb large numbers of new arrivals is dwindling as those escaping wars have more trauma or are more susceptible.

As per the report, the country’s Border Guard agency revealed that 2.5 million people have fled the war, with over half going to Poland. Over 1.5 million refugees had entered Poland by Friday. Trzaskowski stated around 320,000 people had passed through Warsaw since the conflict began, and 230,000 have stayed.

UK government urges its citizen to welcome Ukrainian refugees

The UK government urged its citizens to expand its offer to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian assault. As part of a new sponsored refugee route, policymakers said on Monday that they will urge the people to open their homes to refugees without family ties in the UK.

However, according to the Financial Times, politicians and human rights groups say the new Syrian refugee scheme launched by Communities Secretary Michael Gove must go faster and be better funded. All politicians have slammed the government for insisting that Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion obtain visas before entering the UK.

The decision has caused panic at document processing centers across Europe, and the mechanism for booking visa appointments has nearly collapsed.

Despite receiving over 20,000 applications, the UK has only granted 1,305 Ukrainian refugees visas. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the initiative this week. The new scheme is part of the UK’s response to the Ukrainian refugee problem. The first step permits UK residents to apply to import immediate and extended family members from Ukraine.

Some migration specialists have predicted that the Ukrainian sponsorship program will require significantly more funding than other comparable programs in the past.

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