Voters to choose a county commissioner in Barbour County District One

BARBOUR COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – Every district in every county needs a voice and the voice that impacts. It’s finally the Election Day and it is day where citizens can choose who they want that voice to be. In Barbour County, the residents in District 1 have a decision to make soon and that is to chose their representative.
Incumbent County Commissioner, Rachel Smith talks about the same and says she is running for the county as a whole. She mentioned, “I’m the person that will speak for the ordinary people of Barbour County, District 1, I am that voice.” Smith, on the other hand, has been the commissioner for District 1 since 2018. Rachel says her goal is to improve access for those with mental health needs.

She said, “That’s going to be my vision, is trying to get more help our mentally ill people here in Barbour County.” Donna Kent, on the other hand is challenging Smith for the commissioner seat and it will be exciting to see who wins. While Kent is new to the political scene, she said she wants to be District 1′s “new voice.” “There’s a lot of areas that I feel like we’ve been left out in and I just want to be that voice for the people of District 1,” he explained. “I feel like we’ve not had a voice.” He says her main concerns include the courthouse in Clayton, more deputies on hand, plus attention to roadways.
He further said, “I don’t know what the problem is with everyone, but whenever I get there, I will find out. We need more deputies, our courthouse needs a lot of attention. It’s in ill repair.” Both candidates urged the voters to get out and cast their vote for District 1 commissioner on Tuesday to choose their representative. He said, “I will stand for the people in District 1 and Barbour County as a whole,” Smith said. “Everybody needs to make their voice known and that’s the only way that we can do it,” Kent said.