Vladimir Putin’s Sanity in Doubt: Russian President Allegedly Paranoid, Tries to Bluff His Way Through During the Pandemic

Image by - Пресс-служба Президента РФ/ Wiki Commons

According to a Russian journalist’s piece in The New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been so isolated during the pandemic that he has “totally lost interest in the present” and is “obsessed” with the past.

Mikhail Zygar is the author of “All The Kremlin’s Men,” a book exposing Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, and the former editor in chief of the independent Russian TV news channel Dozhd.

In an opinion piece for The New York Times, Zygar wrote that Vladimir Putin and his aides are “annoyed” by current issues such as the economy, social issues, and the coronavirus pandemic, and instead “obsess over the past.” Zygar claims that it is this obsession with the past that led Putin to invade and start a war in Ukraine.

Putin’s advisors have long attempted to persuade him that he is the “one person who can restore Russia,” and he now believes it so strongly that he doesn’t trust the people around him, according to Zygar.

Is Vladimir Putin insane?

Per Business Insider, Vladimir Putin had previously met with friends and advisors for “drinks and barbeques,” according to Zygar, but he is now shut off from the majority of his entourage. According to Zygar, some of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisers have to quarantine for two or three weeks out of the month only to meet with him because of the president’s stringent COVID-19 policy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Putin took extreme measures to isolate himself: his palace in Novo-Ogaryovo was outfitted with a special disinfection tunnel in June 2020, which all visitors had to pass through in order to visit him, and news reports in September 2020 suggested Putin lived in a “virus-free bubble” created by his security forces.

Liberals believe that wars occur by chance rather than design unless the individual who decides to go to war is mad. As a result, the media is promoting the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin is insane. There is strong evidence that  Putin has changed over the years. However, as we’ll see in a bit, that proof isn’t enough to establish he’s insane.

The choice to go to war is frequently sensible and logical, as history shows, according to Washington Times. The Americans who fought the British at Lexington and Concord in 1775 were as rational and brave as the Hungarians who revolted against Soviet dominance in 1956. While unacceptable now, three centuries of British, French, and Spanish colonialism was a reasonable pursuit of riches and dominion.

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