Versatile entrepreneur Hari Soni considers actor and host of Bigg Boss Salman Khan his idol

Hari Soni

Hari Soni proudly serves as the Director of KKHS Media Private Limited and wants to imbue more zealousness in him to keep working his way to the top just like the actor.

A lot has been spoken about how a few people have done tremendously well in their respective sectors around the world in more ways than one. Still, it is essential for others, especially budding talents from the younger brigade, to learn from these people, learn more about their stories and journeys, and how they kept their calm amidst the chaos while they carved their unique niche in their sectors. Many such examples across industries have risen to the top over the years, but high-performing entrepreneurs like Hari Soni prove to be the finest example of them all, thanks to the determination and resilience they show throughout their journeys.

Hari Soni today is the brain behind multiple of his successful ventures, which has what made him known in the business world as a versatile businessman who can turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary business ventures. He had started his journey just like any other young guy, vying to make it huge in his career and working in the corporate setup.

After graduating from Rajasthan University, he began working for several corporate giants to gain know-how of the business world, and later his experiences ignited the fire in him to chase his dreams of pursuing entrepreneurship. First, he incepted Kishu Enterprise and then jumped into the real estate sector, launching KKHS Buildhomes Pvt Ltd. Now, he is the Director at KKHS Media Private Limited, with the aim to disrupt the world of media.

Throughout his journey, Hari Soni says that the actor and host of the biggest reality show in India, Bigg Boss Salman Khan, has always remained his idol. He was always in awe of his honesty and “heart-on-sleeves” attitude and has tried to imbibe the same in him as an entrepreneur. Also, the level of energy he brings in season after season in Bigg Boss is beyond commendable, he says, which, again, he is making sure to learn from.

With the onset of Bigg Boss 16, Hari Soni, who has remained an ardent follower and fan of the show since its beginning, is looking forward to knowing how this season will win the hearts of the audiences. Speaking on the same, the multipreneur says that people can learn a lot from these shows as they showcase the raw emotions and behaviours of the housemates and also learn the importance of the survival of the fittest, not just physically, but more mentally and emotionally.

Hari Soni ( has transformed his life from being a job seeker to a job creator and, through his ventures, wants to keep giving new opportunities to budding talents in India.