Verity Beck of Pennsylvania killed her elderly parents and cut them up with an electric chainsaw: Reports

Verity Beck
Verity Beck, 49, is convicted of murdering her parents and chainsaw-severing their remains. Image Source: Fox news

Veriety Beck of Pennsylvania is charged with killing her parents and using an electric chainsaw to sever their bodies into pieces.

Mother of suspect Verity Beck, a former high school nurse, was regarded as “kind, compassionate.”

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Reid Beck, 73, and Miriam Beck, 72, were killed in January, and Verity Beck, 49, is accused with their murders in both the first- and third-degrees.

According to Montgomery County’s District Attorney Kevin Steele and local news, Beck’s brother phoned police to the elderly couple’s Jenkintown residence in the 1100 block of Beverly Road at about 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 17 because he “had not seen or heard from the elderly couple in more than a week.”

When the police arrived, they found Beck inside the house along with “one deceased person firmly wrapped in a white bedsheet and signs of a second deceased person within the property.”

In addition to a chainsaw being close to one of the victims’ bodies, police discovered “evidence of tremendous trauma” in the house. Steele claimed that both victims had been dismembered. Beck was rounded up without delay.

The two victims’ deaths were judged homicides after investigators discovered that each of them had been shot in the head.

Beck’s residence Image Source: Fox news

As according Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, Beck’s brother phoned the police to the elderly couple’s Jenkintown home in the 1100 block of Beverly Road at about 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 17 because he “had not seen nor heard from the old couple in more than a week.”

On social media, those who knew the victims thanked them for their generosity. According to 6ABC, Miriam Beck once served as a nurse at Lower Moreland High School in Montgomery County.

“In high school, Mrs. Miriam Beck was one of the highlights. She was there for the students of Lower Moreland all the time, whether it was a quick visit to her office for a discussion or offering a place to listen “Amy Reed, a Facebook user, commented.

At Lower Moreland High School, Miriam Beck formerly served as a nurse. Image source: Fox news

Mrs. Beck was one of the friendliest, most considerate persons I’ve ever encountered, according to Heather Roth, another Facebook user.

She was the school nurse and genuinely cared about everyone. said Roth. “Despite the fact that I am unsure of what happened or why, Mrs. Beck undoubtedly made a positive impact, especially considering how many students she cared for at LMHS. For her kid… and his family, my heart is torn!”

Reid Beck was a “longtime member” of the Steamfitters Local 420 union for plumbers and pipe fitters, according to one of his friend who spoke with Fox News.

The acquaintance, who wished to remain anonymous, said of Reid, “He was an instructor and also the director of training while I was an apprentice under him in the mid-nineties. He was a good man.”

The friend said, “It’s hard to believe what happened to him. The people who knew him are shocked.

Verity Beck: Who Is She? A Pennsylvania woman is accused of mutilating her parents.

Reid and Miriam Beck were murdered and dismembered at their Abington, Pennsylvania, home, according to allegations made against Verity Beck. They were allegedly shot in the head by the 49-year-old, who then tried to dismember their bodies.

Beck was being held without bond at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility when he showed up in court on Wednesday for a pretrial hearing. She is accused of both first- and third-degree murder.

“This is the same person who dismembered her parents and dumped their body parts in trash bins. She is therefore obviously attempting to destroy the proof “At a press conference, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele remarked.

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