[HEARTBREAKING] Ukrainians Recognize 109 Children Killed in Russia-Ukraine War Through Empty Strollers, Car Seats

Image by - USA Today via YouTube Screenshot

As Ukraine mourns its dead, dozens of empty strollers lined up in the city of Lviv’s cobblestone center plaza on Friday to remember the Ukrainian children slain in the country since Russia’s invasion.

Strollers symbolize Ukrainian children killed during Russia’s invasion

According to Ukrainian officials, Lviv city hall put 109 strollers, or prams, in orderly rows, one for each child slain since the start of the conflict. A brilliant blue baby carrier held two plush teddy bears. A little Ukrainian flag was held by a young girl resting on a seat.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have sought refuge in Lviv, in western Ukraine, away from the frontlines of the conflict. Russia claims that its military activity in Ukraine is a one-of-a-kind military operation that is not aimed at people, NDTV reported.

In the weeks following the February 24 invasion, visual and video proof of such attacks, as well as claims of wounded or murdered civilians and journalists, Russia has consistently refuted charges that soldiers assaulted civilian structures or citizens themselves.

The “Price of War” memorial will stay in Lviv outside city hall as the war continues and will be updated as needed if additional children are wounded, according to a representative for the mayor’s office.

During the war, at least 439 educational facilities have been bombed or shelled, with many of them entirely destroyed, according to Ukrainian officials.

According to Newsweek via MSN, Russian soldiers attacked a Ukrainian community early Thursday morning, killing a woman who was sheltering her 4-year-old kid, who was also injured.

The international correspondent Scott McLean said the city has been relatively tranquil and unaffected for most of Russia’s invasion, and an air raid siren went off early Friday morning, with two missiles intercepted in mid-flight and four others striking a structure near an airport.

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