Tongari Atama no Gonta Animation Movie to Launch on June 3

Tongari Atama no Gonta Animation Movie to Launch on June 3
Tongari Atama no Gonta Animation Movie to Launch on June 3

Tongari Atama no Gonta screening in Forum Fukushima and Human Trust Cinema Shibuya will be released on June 3. The story of the two-named dog in the Fukushima Disaster is a  new theatrical anime movie by the  WAO Corporation.

Takeshi Nakamoto’s novel Tongari Atama no Gonta: Futatsu no Namae o Ikita Fukushima Hisai Inu no Monogatari inspired the film. The movie is based on the book about the Tohoku earthquake of 2011 and the dog Gonta.

The original book Nakamotos focus on the named dog and the owner of the dog. Gonta’s family forms a rescue team to save all the dogs left behind in Namie, Fukushima during the relocation because of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami tragedy.

Ryotaro Okiayu and Yui Ishikawa are among the cast members. Yu Kamio and Satoru Saito, both from Fukushima, star in the film, according to Anime News Network.

Tongari Atama no Gonta 

Gonta and his handlers are the subjects of Nakamoto’s novel. During the evacuation following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Gonta is left behind in Namie, Fukushima. Gonta’s owners are assembling emergency responders to save all of the pets who were left behind during the aftermath, according to the Nerdswire site.

Staff from previous WAO Corporation anime films NITABOH the Shamisen Master, JAPAN Our Homeland, Symphony in August will return for the new film including director Akio Nishizawa artistic director Tadashi Kudo, Makoto Kuriya the music director and animation studio Wao World. The Fukushima Minpō, Namie City Hall, and Kobunscha are credited for the production cooperation.

According to the tweeted post on Twitter by the Animated movie “Tongari Head Gonta” Official” 11 years after the devastating earthquake, an animated film is released. In May, “Pointed Head Gonta” will be completed. Many humans and animals have been harmed as a result of a calamity. And he’d like to thank everyone who helped make this film possible. 

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