Tom Brady’s ‘alleged girlfriend’ is married: Who is Veronika Rajek’s husband?

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Tom Brady’s ‘alleged girlfriend’ is married: Who is Veronika Rajek’s husband?

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Many fans were interested in Veronika Rajek after Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL. The model, however, is wed to another person. This is what we do know.

Today, Tom Brady posted a video on his social media sites announcing his retirement from the NFL, this time “for good” (Feb. 1, 2023). Model Veronika Rajek, romantically linked to the QB following his divorce from Gisele Bündchen, was one of the first stars to reportedly respond to the news.

Brady and Rajek were connected by a recent Instagram post the model made in which she praised the athlete and referred to him as a “legend,” adding, “Whether anybody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him, and show me somebody who doesn’t.” Even his detractors adore him because they understand how evil he is.

Brady, though, has kept a low profile and hasn’t been photographed with anyone new since getting divorced from Bündchen. And the reason for that is that Rajek is allegedly married to another athlete. Check out her husband’s name here.

Husband of Veronika Rajek: Everything we know about him

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The Sun reports that the 26-year-old Slovakian model is wed to Viktor Rajek, a bobsledder who participated in the two-man and four-man events at the 2006 Winter Olympics. The couple exchanged vows on June 13, 2019. The wedding-related Instagram post she made has since been deleted from her account.

According to the sources, Viktor, who is 37 years old, runs the Vienna, Austrian eatery Bier & Bierli. According to Yahoo Sports, she resides in Mexico but also spends time in Miami and Los Angeles.

However, she recently appeared on the Pillow Talk podcast to talk about dating, which sparked rumours about her married status. She acknowledged that men are “scared of her” because they put her in a box and stated that she prefers tall, clean-shaven men without tattoos.

She and Brady haven’t either confirmed or denied the rumours. She acknowledged a comment from an Instagram user who said she “was only there for the Tom Brady comments,” even though she appears to be relishing the attention. The model responded, “Free popcorn and chair for you,” She also included an emoji of a happy face crying.

Tom Brady’s Rumored New Girlfriend, 26-Year-Old Model Veronika Rajek

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Veronika Rajek, a 26-year-old model, is rumoured to be Tom Brady’s new girlfriend. His longtime wife Gisele Bundchen filed for divorce after learning that he had pledged to stop playing football and spend more time with his family. Additionally, his FTX investment turned out to be a complete hoax, and the Buccaneers are one of the worst teams to make it into the playoffs. Yes, my guy’s life has been up and down. One could argue that he should have taken his money, retired, and ridden into the sunset.

However, in other news, Tom quickly recovered, as evidenced by reports that he is dating model Veronika Rajek, a 26-year-old Slovakian. Tom is legally old enough to be her father, my God.

Nothing is confirmed, but she has made several inferences along the way, including starting the chat with a snap from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game where she was wearing Brady’s jersey and essentially declaring her love for him:

Again, there hasn’t been any official confirmation, but there’s a good likelihood. In addition, Gisele has already moved on to Joaquim Valente, the jiu-jitsu instructor for her children. Given that she declared her body is “too risky” for social media, it appears that Brady may have a lot on his hands.

Rajek reportedly told The Sun: “My physique is deemed a menace on social media, and I am constantly being cancelled by trolls for doing nothing except sharing images of my body.” Oh yeah, Veronika, it is a difficult life.

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